WATCH: Unarmed Citizen Hero Fights Off Armed Robber, Alexander Ray, In Wawa Convenience Store

Video shows armed robber, Alexander Ray, getting taken down by "Darryl."

Video shows armed robber, Alexander Ray, getting taken down by “Darryl.”

Citizen Hero Takes Down Robber, Alexander Ray

Winslow, NJ –  A hero good Samaritan fought off an armed robber at a Wawa convenience Wednesday morning. Surveillance video of the incident shows the fight that ensued (video below.)

According to, the incident occurred about 2 AM at the Wawa in the 600 block of Cross Keys Road. Police said that Alexander Ray entered the store with a gun in his hand and that he ordered the three female clerks to the floor.

A store patron, identified by police only by his first name “Darryl,” tackled Ray, and the fight began. Ray pistol-whipped Darryl throughout the store and then through the front door. By the time police arrived, Darryl had taken away the gun from Ray.

Alexander Ray was transported to Cooper University Hospital in Camden for treatment for a severe ass-whooping. Darryl was transported to Kennedy Hospital in Washington Township, presumably for ball reduction surgery. Both men had bruises and facial lacerations.

Alexander Ray, 26, was charged with aggravated assault, robbery, and weapons offenses.

Township Police Chief George Smith said that Darryl was a “hero,” but that he “would not recommend that others do what he had done.”

“Obviously, I believe this guy’s a hero,” Chief Smith said. “However, we tell people not to do these acts. If it turned bad, it really would have been a loss for his family and himself. The outcome today was great, however we don’t tell people to do that.”

The Chief said that officers later discovered that Ray’s gun was not loaded.

The chief recommends that if anybody is confronted by an armed robber, just do what the robber wants, but to try to get a good description or license plate number to give to police later.

You can see the video of the struggle below: