Actor Jesse Williams Says Freddie Gray Officers Got Away With Murder

Actor Jesse Williams thinks Freddie Gray officers got away with murder

Actor Jesse Williams thinks Freddie Gray officers got away with murder

Jesse Williams apparently knows more than  and a slew of experts.

Jesse Williams, best known for his role on Gray’s Anatomy, has been on an anti-cop tear for some time. He made national news with his BET awards ceremony tirade about the injustice of law enforcement against the black community, and now for his apoplectic tweets about the Freddie Gray trial.

“We’ve been doing is looking at the data and we know that police somehow manage to deescalate, disarm and not kill white people everyday,” Williams said back in June. “So what’s going to happen is we are going to have equal rights and justice in our own country or we will restructure their function and ours.”

It hasn’t stopped there. Here is a sampling of his profound wisdom, quoting a 19th century German philosopher, from his Twitter account:

And this well articulated statement:

We could go on, but what is the use? When he cherry-picks information in an attempt to contradict actual studies that show that not only is there not a racial bias in OIS, but that police less likely to shoot black people, how can people trust what he says?

Numbers without context is just one of the many ways that these Black Lives Matter yahoos try to convince people that their manufactured cause is a just one. Maybe it is the culture that needs to change, and not the police specifically.

Jesse Williams is now screaming about how it was clear that Freddie Gray’s death was a murder, yet the officers were all acquitted or had their charges dismissed. The black judge who oversaw the bench trials found that none of the charges were supported by evidence, and the medical examiner’s report has been contested by experts. Just because the justice system didn’t do what Williams wanted, doesn’t mean justice wasn’t served.

As we have seen from Jesse Willaims’ Twitter feeds and his BET rant, he isn’t interested in true justice, he isn’t interested in dialogue, he wants revenge. He doesn’t want to change a system, he wants attention and a new kind of bias. If he really wanted positive dialogue, he wouldn’t continue spouting his rhetoric and continuing to manufacture a false narrative.

Just because he plays a doctor on TV doesn’t mean he has the intellect to be one (Editor’s Note: Some real doctors are just as bad.) Just because he won an award for his opinions, doesn’t mean he that knows what he is talking about.

We encourage our readers to have the courage to stand up to the false information spread by people such as Jesse Williams. This is more than just a political disagreement; officers are getting injured and killed over this hate-speech. By standing up to the ignorance, you can help protect our heroes in blue.

  • Spidouz

    At this point, he’s just stupid, racist and hateful. He doesn’t do anything that would contribute to have a better justice, more equal rights, etc… He said he looked at the data; ok, then publish the data, show them and comment about them, and even better: do suggest something that would prevent anything… Oh wait a minute, he doesn’t because he doesn’t care. He’s mixed and someone he does feel he really represent blacks, when he’s paid millions dollars, living in a nice area. He just doesn’t want to admit the real truth is that white privilege doesn’t exist anymore, it’s wealth privilege and he’s part of this 1% now. Police brutality does exist but only against people from poor neighbourhoods because that’s where most of the violent crimes happen and also because police would be scared to use force in nice rich neighbourhoods (scared that it could be the son or daughter of some rich and influent)… And yes, Jesse Williams is also part of this 1% too. So it’s just easier to play the victim here and add more fuel to the race war, knowing he won’t be caught in the middle of this fight… because he won’t be a black man in a poor neighbourhoods and he won’t be a cops that would try to do his/her job to protect people.

    • Mark Buckley

      Spidouz, BULLSH!T!!! Police brutality exists anywhere, not just in poor neighborhoods, but ANYWHERE there are bad cops. Everybody, including Law Enforcement Officials and Leaders agree that there are a few bad Officers (it only makes sense, there is good and bad everywhere, in all walks of life, and I’m sure they TRY to weed out bad Officers, but ultimately some get through), and excessive force is used in a variety of situations when police are called to a scene of a situation that requires their presence. It’s true that they respond to more calls in poor neighborhoods, but there’s PLENTY of situations in “nice neighborhoods” where excessive force/”police brutality” has been an issue, it’s just not reported in the “Main Stream Liberal Media” to the same extent it’s reported on in “poorer neighborhoods”. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, because police are HUMAN BEINGS, TOO, maybe they’re on a “more heightened alert and actually FEAR for their safety, themselves” when responding to calls in “poorer neighborhoods” because of the way people in “poorer neighborhoods” perceive Police presence and react to their presence in those neighborhoods, with a lack of respect, tendencies to be uncooperative/follow Police Officers’ instruction, and physically resisting officers. I respect and listen to what Law enforcement Officers instruct me to do when involved or around situations that require their presence. People should TRY acting that way, instead of in negative, disrespectful ways, and they will probably find the respect will be given, in return…

      • Rambone

        I can agree with several points by both of you. Jesse is racist and hateful and just fuels a divide. If the offenders would simply comply and fight their battle in court, things would be different. Don’t know if that would keep the bad apples of LE from using excessive force but having every LEO wear body cams would help enormously..

  • budfudlacker

    He acts pathetic on twitter, literally like a little child (@ijessewilliams is his handle, I think). He’s a millionaire but still acts like he’s on some slave ship, picking and choosing stories that fit his agenda while completely ignoring statistics and stories that prove otherwise. What an entitled, racist mutt.

  • retiredbobinFla.

    Every one knows Jesse Williams is just one of a long line of black racists!

  • Onyx Silverfeather

    Who even cares about this guy? Seems to me this is making a big deal of a nobody.

  • JannaR

    Sorry waste of space.

  • gagargoyle

    another fringe actor screeching for attention

  • jennifer


  • Vorenus

    And what did Freddie Gray get away with when he sold Heroine out on the streets?

  • Jerrod P. Matras

    Out of all of the “police shootings/police custody deaths” I think this one is the one that is the most suspect to me. Police make mistakes too. (And don’t mention ‘rough rides’ anymore, people will deny that they have ever heard of them, and they are all just rumors) The guy went into the van, walking and shackled, and came out dead from a spinal cord injury. His life as a career criminal gets no sympathy from me, but can we just call this case what it is? A Rough Ride by frustrated police that went terribly wrong. Sucks for the officers involved, and it sucks for Freddie and his family. It wasn’t supposed to happen like that, but it did. Honorable people need be honorable, even when its hard to do so…and I am not seeing that here.