ACLU’s Field Coordinator Defends Antifa From Non-Violent Leftists – Suggests Their Tactics Are Necessary

ACLU Field Coordinator Chris Robarge posted in defense of Antifa.

ACLU Field Coordinator Chris Robarge posted in defense of Antifa.

Chris Robarge With ACLU Defends Antifa

Worcester, MA – Chris Robarge, the Central Massachusetts Field Coordinator for the ACLU of Massachusetts, recently posted to social media in defense of Antifa.

The exchange was spotted by Turtleboy. A local non-violent liberal named Walter Crockett posted a very reasonable plea that locals distance themselves from the violence of Antifa.

Antifa has a long history of destroying property, throwing explosives and bricks at police, and beating anybody whom they perceive to be a supporter of Donald Trump.

On Sunday night, Crockett posted to Facebook:


Tonight’s near-spontaneous rally in support of Charlottesville, with sister rallies nationwide, was a success in Worcester, where I estimate 500 to 600 people attended.

America needs these short-notice rallies to spread like wildfire and continue to grow in size, until the crowds overflow onto the streets everywhere.

I counted 10 to 20 Antifa supporters in black clothing, marching with a black flag, some with their faces masked. This is the group that looks for physical combat with neo-Nazis. There was no violence at all when I was there.

I don’t know if they were there to protect the crowd from some non-existent neo-Nazi threat, to hear the speakers, join in solidarity, make a silent statement, attract attention, or all of the above. I do know that violence, except in self-defense, will kill the movement and make us indistinguishable from our enemies.

And I know there is no place in our movement for people who mask their faces. That is the rally equivalent of the anonymous troll. It is the tool of the KKK. Honest people should not hide. Take the masks off and show true bravery.”

This should be something that all people should agree on. We should have no tolerance for any racism or political violence. Only the extremists feel otherwise, right?

Well ACLU’s man in the area doesn’t agree. Chris Robarge posted in defense of Antifa, saying, “because antifa are the folks I see as having recognized the severity of the threat we’re facing for quite some time, and to get it under control at this point, it really is going to take a diversity of skills and tactics.”


An addition, he also stated that the murdered woman, Heather Heyer, “was Antifa.” Others didn’t much like Robarge calling a murdered woman “Antifa” which is a domestic terrorist group.

Crockett responded, “Chris Robarge, I have searched the internet for any information tying Heather Hayer, who was killed, to the antifa. I can find absolutely nothing that states that.
You said she “was antifa.” What’s your evidence of that?

“Her mother’s words: ‘I’m proud that what she was doing was peaceful, she wasn’t there fighting with people.'”

Robarge responded by posting a link to Google for the search term “Heather Heyer Antifa,” which at this point is just full of articles about Antifa crashing Heyer’s funeral while armed with shields and baseball bats.

You can see the resulting the conversation below:




The ACLU had actually defended the white nationalists’ right to demonstrate at the Unite The Right rally. The City of Charlottesville said that they couldn’t secure Emancipation Park and told organizer and white nationalist, Jason Kessler, that the rally would need to be held in another park.

The ACLU then stepped in, coming to Kessler’s legal defense, and they secured a decision from a judge which allowed the rally to take place in Emancipation Park.

Now it’s seems bizarre that an ACLU Field Coordinator is promoting a group that attacks anybody who says anything that they don’t like, or just looks like they might say anything they don’t like, like the time they attacked the girl wearing a “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat.

It’s disturbing how people such as Chris Robarge feel comfortable openly supporting a violent domestic terrorist group.

I think that a lot more people would share Mr. Robarge’s opinion if Antifa actually just attacked white supremacists, and not police officers and innocent people, but considering Antifa’s history, his support for Antifa seems indefensible.

Do you think that the ACLU feels the same way? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments and help us spread the word about what kind of people the ACLU employs.