VIDEO: Suspect Goes From Non-Compliance To Shooting – Didn’t Realize Cop Was BAMF Gunfighter

Video proof that Glendale Officer Anthony Cano is a BAMF gunfighter.

Video proof that Glendale Officer Anthony Cano is a BAMF gunfighter.

Abel Rodriguez Loses Gunfight With Officer Anthony Cano

Glendale, Arizona – The Glendale Police Department released video of a man who opened fire on police who were checking on him after his car was stopped on the side of the road. (Video below)

Glendale Police Officer Anthony Cano was on patrol January 20 when he saw the car stopped on the side of the street with extensive damage to the front of the car, reported. The officer observed that the license plate didn’t match the vehicle.

Officer Cano approached and saw Abel Rodriguez lying inside the car. The officer then asked Rodriguez through a closed door whose car it was because there was an issue with the license plate.

Rodriguez acted like he didn’t understand and Officer Cano asked him to produce the paperwork for the vehicle.

While Officer Cano talked to a dispatcher asking if there were any reports of a red car being in an accident, Rodriguez sat in the driver’s seat of his car with the window still up.

The officer asked Rodriguez to exit his vehicle and he refused to comply.

At that point, Rodriguez pulled out a firearm he had concealed under his shirt and then fired shots at Officer Cano, according to Glendale Police Sgt. Scott Waite, according to

Sgt. Waite said Rodriguez then got out of the car and fired again at the officer before Officer Cano returned fire and hit Rodriguez.

In the video, Cano took cover behind another parked car while Rodriguez is off camera. Rodriguez could be heard screaming in pain.

“Do not move! Do not reach for that gun again! Do you understand me?” Officer Cano yelled at Rodriguez. The officer also gave repeated commands to people outside to go inside their homes.

Officer Cano was not injured.

Rodriguez was transported to the hospital where he’s being treated for his bullet holes.

You can see the video of the gunfight below: