Suspect Breaks Into 97-Year-Old Man’s Home, Beats Him To Death

97-year-old Weddell Tate was murdered in his home.

97-year-old Waddell Tate was murdered in his home.

97-Year-Old Baltimore Man, Waddell Tate, Beaten To Death In His Home

Baltimore, MD – Unknown suspects viciously attacked and murdered 97-year-old Waddell Tate in his own home on Friday.

The incident occurred on Darley Avenue, where family members found Tate dead just before 7 PM, according to FoxBaltimore.  Police were called, and found that Tate’s home had been broken into, ‘possibly through a back door’.  They also determined that Tate had trauma to his body.

Family members said that he had lived in the home for the past 60 years.  T.J. Smith, Chief Spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department, said, “I’m just not certain hell is even enough for this guy or this person,” in a crime that he described as a “despicable, evil, disgusting and a pathetic act of violence.”

One of Tate’s relatives, Deborah Broom, said that “Pop-Pop was 97 years old.”  She said “They could have taken what they wanted. They did not have to take his life. To be told that someone has broken in and murdered him. It’s just God awful.”

Neighbors spoke highly of Tate, and how he would stop and say hi.  Police said that they have few leads, and are still trying to determine what, if anything, had been stolen from Tate’s home.  They said that often victims know their attackers in cases like these.

No motive is known, and no further details have been released.

Smith said, “What would make a 97 year old man a victim in his own home on a Friday evening.  Something is wrong with that. We know the answers likely lie within the Darley neighborhood.”  The Baltimore Police Department is asking for the public’s help.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to text (443) 902- 4824, call (410) 396- 2100 or report it to Metro Crime Stoppers.