73-Year-Old Chicago Cop, Fred Coffey, Fights Back

Retired Chicago Officer Fred Coffey wasn't going to let some punk rob him.

Retired Chicago Officer Fred Coffey wasn’t going to let some punk rob him.

73-Year-Old Chicago Cop, Fred Coffey, Fights Back

Chicago – Retired Deputy Chief Fred Coffey from the Chicago Police Department sprang into action when he was being robbed, shooting the suspect after taking a bullet himself.

73-year-old retired CPD Deputy Chief Fred Coffey was exercising early Wednesday morning at a local track when he was confronted by a would-be robber.  During the confrontation, the armed assailant shot Coffey, striking him in the shoulder.  With his police training and instincts quickly kicking in Coffey took cover, unholstered his concealed firearm and shot back at the criminal.  Coffey struck the suspect in his leg before he limped to a waiting getaway car.  The 21 year old suspect was later apprehended.

Fred Coffey was transported to a nearby hospital where he is listed in stable condition.  The condition of the suspect is unknown.

Deputy Chief Fred Coffey served on the Chicago Police Department for 40 years, rising to the rank of Deputy Chief of Detectives.  According to his son, also a Chicago police officer, he retired 10 years ago and was never in a shooting before this.  His son told the media, “He’s always been the toughest guy in the world to me.”

Chicago has definitely seen its fair share of violence this year.  Crime is seemingly up across the city and a growing disdain for the police has developed among the low-lifes attempting to run the streets.  Chicago Police Superintendent released a statement, “Enough is Enough. Retired Deputy Chief Coffey was a great police officer and public servant to the people of Chicago and I am glad he is okay.”

We wish Chief Coffey a speedy recovery.  Some say its a bad thing the job stays with you into retirement – I bet Coffey would disagree.

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  • Justin Borgnine

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  • Jack Reilly

    Hope you recover fully Brother…..and the bad guy……”50 years” for attempted Murder seems appropriate.

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