More Than 240 Arrested At Nocturnal Wonderland Rave

There were over 240 arrests at the Nocturnal Wonderland rave. "But deputy, that's not my unicorn."

There were over 240 arrests at the Nocturnal Wonderland rave. “But deputy, that’s not my unicorn.”

More Than 240 Arrested At Nocturnal Wonderland Rave

Devore, California – The San Manuel Amphitheater is the site for the Nocturnal Wonderland Music Festival. This celebration of music has turned into a drug-crazed rave that extends well into the night, causing problems for local residents and police as well. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has announced more than 240 arrests in just 3 days. Most of the arrests were for drugs as revelers tried to enter the party.

Homeowners complained about the traffic, the noise, and the general craziness that goes along with the festival. One concert-goer who was interviewed by local news affiliates said drug use is rampant to the point of people passing out and having to receive emergency medical aid. Drug overdoses at music festivals like this are a common occurrence.

Despite a heavy law enforcement presence, private security, and EMS all around, these illegal activities were still happening at Nocturnal Wonderland. People could be seen leaving the event with their faces covered to hide their identities. CBS Los Angeles reports that at least 8 people had also been taken to the hospital.

About 25,762 people attended the third day of the event, which was in its 21st year. Music festivals have recently come under fire following several suspected drug-related deaths and thousands of arrests in the past few years.

Earlier this month, a Los Angeles Times report found at least 25 confirmed drug-related deaths nationwide in the past decade among fans who went to raves hosted by L.A. companies. All of the bad publicity and negative behaviors exhibited during these events serve to undermine the reason that music lovers started these gatherings in the first place.

Adding more than 240 arrests to the workload for the Sheriff’s Office this weekend adds more burden to an already overloaded system. The almighty dollar drives these events and the venues where they are held. Event organizers are seldom held responsible for actions of participants and somehow, the burden has been placed on the police and EMS to monitor criminal behavior, protect the public safety, monitor traffic flow, and save lives. All of this while the promoters and organizers rake in the cash.

Events like these generally pay the officers and paramedics overtime to work them, and one might think that there is no added burden placed on the county services. While true on the surface, where the officers’ initial man-hours are covered. Incarcerations strain the jail, medical transports strain the hospitals, and department funds are usually used to pay for paperwork and court hours on these cases.