WNBA Team Wears Black Lives Matter Shirts, Cops on Security Detail Walk Out

WNBA team Minnesota Lynx wear Black Lives Matter shirts

WNBA team Minnesota Lynx wear Black Lives Matter shirts

WNBA team, the Minnesota Lynx, decided to show their support for the false narrative of Black Lives Matter by wearing shirts which said “Change Starts With Us — Justice and Accountability” on the front. On the back of the shirt are the names of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, the Dallas Police Department Shield, and “Black Lives Matter” at the bottom.

ESPN Reports:

When members of the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx wore T-shirts seeking change following the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, who were both fatally shot by police officers recently, they weren’t the only group taking action Saturday.

Four off-duty Minneapolis police officers who were working security for Saturday’s Lynx game elected to leave their job at Target Center over the players’ stance.

“I commend them for it,” Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis Police Federation said, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“Others said they heard about it and they were not going to work Lynx games,” Kroll said.

The four cops who left have taken their names off a list of officers who may work future games.

When asked by the Star Tribune if other officers will replace those who quit, Kroll said, “If [the players] are going to keep their stance, all officers may refuse to work there.”

The worst part of all of this is that they put the Dallas police shield on their Black Lives Matter shirts. The Black Lives Matter movement created the environment that spurred on violence against law enforcement officers; violence which resulted in the shooting of 11 Dallas police officers by a terrorist. It’s disgusting to put the Dallas police shield on a shirt that is promoting the very group that’s largely responsible for the terrorist attack on police officers.

Five of our officers have been killed because of these agitators, and now Black Lives Matter is just using them to push their cause. Let’s show our support for the brave officers who stood up for all of us and walked out on this clueless group of athletes.


  • Mary

    These players do NOT deserve the protection of the police they disrespect. Let them find their own BLM body guards.

  • Let the team hire BLM bodyguards.

  • The officers probably make 5% of what
    Players do and they expect them to
    Protect them ? Bullshit , hope the
    Players get there ass’s kicked
    Leaving the stadium and call for
    Help ! Maybe Al Sharpton and
    Jessee Jackson will come running
    If there’s enough money for them
    F them and their team

  • C W

    The WNBA really they are about as popular as a wet fart #notarealsport

  • Bob

    Maybe they should call Beyonce and drug dealer husband and ask them to get the BP’s for security.

    • Brit_19

      They could also call Tim Allen actor also ex convict drug trafficker or Mark Walburg ex racist violent thug who beat up two asian men, one lost an eye,because they had the nerve to be asian in his presence

    • Larry Yelen

      BP = British Petroleum?

  • Larry Yelen

    I think you need to take it a step further. ANY LEOs who do this work while off duty should be shunned by the rest of the department.