BREAKING: Multiple People Shot, Including Two Willoughby Hills Police Officers At BMW Dealer

Two police officers have been shot in Willoughby Hills along with a third person.

Two police officers have been shot in Willoughby Hills along with a third person.

Two Officers Shot In Willoughby Hills

Willoughby Hills, OH – Two police officers and at least one other person was shot Thursday afternoon at Classic BMW in Willoughby Hills.

Initially the shooting was reported to have happened during a traffic stop at the dealership at the 2500 block of Som Center Road just south of the Interstate 90 interchange, according to FOX 8.

However, just minutes later FOX 8 news anchor Gabe Spiegel reported, “Sounds like a disgruntled customer started the shooting at ClassicBMW.”

The suspect is in custody, and it’s not clear if they were taken into custody alive or dead.

The conditions of the officers and suspect have not been released at this time.

UPDATE: Chief Collins said that around 2:00 management called police for a customer problem with somebody who appeared to be under the influence.

Upon officers making contact with the male, the man drew a gun and shot the officers. Officers returned fire and shot the suspect. Both officers and the suspect are expected to survive. is live-streaming from the scene.

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      you type like an idiot. i bet your spellcheck was blowing up.


    Prayers for the speedy recovery of the Officers,Prayers for their Family, Friends, and First Responders….As for the dirt bag shooter…..Who really cares….!

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      Oh, I’m sure he will be the poster boy at this Sunday’s NFL games!


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            Hey there…Sounds like a darn good plan to me….Enjoy and be safe…Key.☺.!

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    Such low outrage. This means the cop shooter is white.

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      Well the shooter is a good guy with a gun AKA white guy.