Revolutionary War Statue Decapitated

The William Crawford memorial was decapitated for reasons unknown.

The William Crawford memorial was decapitated for reasons unknown.

Revolutionary War Statue Of William Crawford Gets Decapitated

Bucyrus, OH – A statue of Revolutionary War veteran Colonel William Crawford was decapitated. The suspects has not been captured, so their motives are unknown, but it’s possible they believed that it was a Confederate memorial. Or maybe all statues are now racist.

Police are not sure of the exact date that the statue was vandalized, but it appeared undamaged and with its head intact in a photo that was taken one week ago, according to ABC6 On Your Side.  The head is still missing, and it is not known how it was removed.

The statue is located in front of the Crawford County Courthouse in Bucyrus, and the county is named after Colonel Crawford, according to the Telegraph-Forum.  It is in a niche on the left side of the Mansfield Street doors of the courthouse.

Crawford was a surveyor and a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and the French and Indian War. He was killed by Native Americans 79 years before the Civil War.

Attorney Joel Spitzer was talking with a contractor outside his office across the street from the courthouse about 12 PM on Friday when they both noticed the vandalized statue, and called police.

In a Facebook post, Spitzer said:

“This saddens me. I love my hometown. I don’t know much of the history of Col. Crawford, but for the fact that he was a surveyor and a soldier of the Revolutionary War and French and Indian War. Crawford County works so hard to keep things nice and the courthouse is an absolute gem…

I will pay $1000 to anyone who has information that leads to the arrest and conviction of who did this!”

He said, “it’s actually quite shocking to see this in little old Bucyrus, where we really have little connection to what’s going on in the south… William Crawford was from the Revolutionary War and the French and Indian War, so I thought he was fairly safe.”

Spitzer said it’s unclear whether the statue was damaged because of “political beliefs or by ignorance” but said he found it to be “a pitiful display of what someone thinks or feels that would have been better addressed through debate or discourse.”

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation.  Sheriff Scott Kent said that investigators are still reviewing surveillance video.