Man Offers To Pay For Shoplifter’s Stolen Items, So Thief Pulls An Axe And Starts Hacking

A shoplifter attacked somebody with an axe after the man offered to pay for the stolen items.

A shoplifter attacked somebody with an axe after the man offered to pay for the stolen items.

Shoplifter Axe Attack In West Hollywood

West Hollywood, CA – A good Samaritan saw somebody shoplifting items and assumed that they just needed some help in life. When the man offered to buy the suspect’s stolen items, he was brutally attacked with an axe.

The suspect has not been located, and West Hollywood Station officers are asking for the public’s help in finding him.

The incident occurred on Saturday, September 2, about 4:05 AM at a 7-Eleven located at 7950 Santa Monica Boulevard, according to CBS Local Los Angeles.  Police said that a suspect was inside the store stealing items when he was approached by a man who offered to pay for the items.

The suspect didn’t like the idea, refused the good Samaritan’s offer, and got into an argument with the man. The suspect left the store, waited for the man to come out, and then attacked him with an axe.

The good Samaritan was struck in the head several times during the attack, before the suspect fled north on Hayworth Avenue.

Deputies were called and responded to the scene.  They searched the area using K9s and helicopters, and used a “diversionary device” which is used to create loud sounds to distract a suspect.  Traffic was also stopped in the area, but deputies were unsuccessful in locating the suspect, according to WEHOVille.

The victim’s name was not released. He was transported to the hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

The exact motive for the attack is not known at this time.

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station has released a photo of the suspect.  They ask that anyone who has information call 911 or (310) 855-8850.  Deputies said that no one should approach the suspect, who is considered armed and dangerous.

  • JBo

    No good deed…

  • remman

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    • Pushed to the limit

      90% at least. You just never know. Any little thing sets them off and it just escalates. If you can’t walk away or get a cop, just shoot them.

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  • informativex

    First they demand white people give them their stuff – then when you try to give them some of what they demanded they take offense. Nah what -really- went wrong here was Fred went to the 7-Eleven without his concealed carry.

    • Terri Needham

      It’s dang near impossible to get a CC in California!! 😠

  • CraxyD

    Well that escalated quickly

  • ProUSAProGOD

    That poor man! I hope he will heal well and not carry (visible and/or invisible) scars for the rest of his life from this encounter with what appears to be a 51-50 person. And of course this happened in anti-gun California.

  • Pushed to the limit

    Never leave home without the Roscoe.

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    This is what happened when you allow extremely low IQ savages like this to mingle with people that contribute to society. Lock them all up

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  • Victoria Zwick

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  • Peekin-In

    My heart goes out to the man who tried to help him. I hope your injuries heal completely. God bless you for your open, willing heart to help someone….. Too bad they didn’t appreciate it.

  • Another victim who is much much wiser.

  • Tabludama

    This racist thug felt “disrespected” when a white man kindly offered to pay for the items he stole.

    The victim is a white Emmet Till. Dozens of white Emmet Tills happen every year in the USA but our Corrupt Liberal Media refuses to connect the dots.