WATCH: Markeith Loyd Whines To Media For Pity, ‘They Beat Me Up!”

Markeith Loyd whined,"They beat me up!" but the scumbag is still walking.

Markeith Loyd whined,”They beat me up!” but the scumbag is still walking.

Markeith Loyd Is A Whiny Baby, “They Beat Me Up!”

Orlando, FL – Nine days on the run after murdering Orlando Police Department Master Sergeant Debra Clayton, Markeith Loyd was finally captured. The scumbag, who has also been wanted for murdering his pregnant girlfriend, was crying to the media after his capture about a few boo-boos.

When Orlando police went to take Markeith Loyd into custody, he was armed and resisted arrest. Even though the cop-killer resisted arrest, there’s no indication that excessive force was used. Loyd was still walking as he was paraded in front of the media while wearing Sergeant Clayton’s handcuffs.

Markeith Loyd appears to have embraced the mindset of criminal being victims, as he whined to the media that the police beat him up. You can see the video below:

Loyd’s whining hasn’t bought him any sympathy from the media though, who all seem to universally agree that there’s no pity in their hearts for this scum.

One reporter yelled to Loyd, “Don’t you wish you’d gone to jail a week ago? Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Loyd responded asking for more pity, “Yeah, they beat me.”

EDIT: We’ve been told people are having trouble getting the audio from teh previous video. Here’s another angle from further away so it’s harder to hear:

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