WATCH: Cop Hit With Car At Charlotte Riot As Rioters Laugh

WATCH: Cop Hit With Car At Charlotte Riot As Rioters Laugh

Charlotte, NC – During the Charlotte riots, a car hit a police officer, sending him tumbling to the ground. Rioters laughed at the officer as his brothers ran to his aid.

The rioters had moved onto I-85 and were blocking traffic, looting trucks, assaulting motorists, and setting other people’s property on fire in the middle of the interstate. Officers closed in on the rioters when one of them got into a car and slowly started forward. The vehicle then quickly accelerated, sending an officer tumbling to the ground, much to the delight of other rioters.

We have more videos of the rioters acting out on Wednesday night in the 5 Videos That Define Wednesday Night’s Charlotte Rioters.

Should these rioters be allowed to get going each night, or should there be a strict curfew? Let us know on our Facebook page what you think.

  • pa

    Stupid F**king Animals…

    • Pete Griffin


      • Wendy Martin Fulton


    • Honesty

      Sub human. Wild freakin animals.

  • Debbie

    Curfew. Heck no. Lock the city down for 24 or 48 hours first. Then have a 6pm curfew. If after a week they are doing ok up the curfew to 7, etc.

    • Pepper H

      Def. Shocked they did not put up a curfew – they will be tomorrow after tonights most likely mess

    • Pete Griffin


    • suse

      [Raising arm to sky] HAIL Debbie!!

  • wagonwheeldc

    Put the person in prison for a minium of 15 yrs and it can have all day to laugh

  • Margaret Scoles

    They be all that cause they go there boy up in the House!

  • Should have shot the driver, they had every right to do so.

    • Pete Griffin

      Jackass 3

  • Gene Splicer

    When your skirmish line walks around and past an idling vehicle, someone is getting run over. That squad leader is at fault for not keeping the team together and safe.

  • Ron Forester

    curfews anytime this time of riot happens.

  • Pete Griffin

    Lol pigs still can’t fly?

    • Honesty

      I don’t know? Can your momma

      • Pete Griffin


  • Pete Griffin

    You people are the cream of the crop of “what I call The Basket Of Deplorables!”

  • William

    Isn’t that assault with a deadly weapon?

    • Pedro_Schwartz

      In most places it sure is.

  • haydial

    There is no excuse for criminal behavior. This is not rioting.Stop saying that when these criminals are clearly breaking the law. Why do the police have to stand down? They put their lives in danger by doing so. I am sick of seeing these thugs hurting innocent people, looting and burning down the towns and cities where they live.

    • suse

      The police work for the people, not the other way around.

      • i love me a selfie