UPDATE: Warwick Reinstates Thin Blue Line To Village Street After Pro-Police Pressure

Warwick thin blue line

UPDATE: Warwick Reinstates Thin Blue Line To Village Street After Pro-Police Pressure

WARWICK NY – In October, the village of Warwick, New York honored their by police by painting a thin blue line between two yellow lines down one street of their town- a show of support that has been taken on by cities and towns across the country. But because the thin blue line was apparently offensive to some, the line was change.

As we reported, local government officials received complaints and became concerned that supporters of the anti-police hate group Black Lives Matter would be offended by the public show of support for their police. So a week ago the village changed the line, which runs approximately 100 yards on Railroad Avenue, from blue to red, white and blue, in an attempt to compromise with a group who promotes violence against police.

One could have argued however that even painting the lines red, white and blue would be viewed as equally offensive by the Black Lives Matter group considering the content of their hateful rhetoric and the disrespectful actions of its supporters, including sitting or kneeling during our National Anthem. 

But thankfully Warwick has since regained its senses.

On Tuesday, according to the Times Herald-Record, Mayor Michael Newhard announced that the line will return to blue as a result of pressure from advocates of police. With the line, the mayor said that the village will install a plaque explaining the history and significance of the “thin blue line” and how it symbolizes the line between chaos and order.

“We reached a compromise,” Mayor Newhard told the Times Herald-Record. He said that the decision to return the line to blue was the result of a series of meetings with groups both for and against supporting the police. One of the most vocal of the pro-police representatives were from members of a group called “The Thin Blue Line Group”. 

There were also community members who indicated that the blue line ignored the concerns of the Black Lives Matter organization, presumably considering the show of support to police is offensive to its members. Of course the show of public support for law enforcement would be offensive for a political organization whose mission is to attack the men and women who provide law and order.

But because of the outstanding support of the community, in particular the dedicated members of the “Thin Blue Line Group”, the people of the village of Warwick New York will once again be able to show their support for those who dedicate their lives to protect them. The mayor said that blue line will be repainted as soon as weather permits.

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  • M W

    I’m not a BLM supporter and I don’t like the concept of the Thin Blue Line (loyalty). Police officers are public servants who swore an oath to uphold the law, not members of a gang that values loyalty above all else.

    • LL

      Get out of momma’s basement and put on the uniform. Then little fool you would know that law enforcement officers are much more than public servants as you so ignorantly put it.

      • M W

        Could you expound on how law enforcement officers are “much more than public servants”?

    • Katrina

      They are talking about the meaning of the thin blue line and what it represents. “it symbolizes the line between chaos and order.” It represents that oath to uphold the law you referred to. It has nothing to do with ‘gangs’. That is the lying rhetoric of Black Lies Matter. There is no one who despises a “bad cop” more than another cop.
      This article explains it in more depth, and also covers your misconception. The author is a much better writer than I.: https://www.policeone.com/police-heroes/articles/169534006-The-thin-blue-line-A-symbol-of-heroism-not-corruption/

      • M W

        The Thin Blue Line means different things to different people, just like the Confederate flag. No one gets to decide what it means for other people. That’s not how symbols work.

        Neither me nor any of my family members have worked in law enforcement, but we’ve never been in trouble with the law, either. I’m an industrial controls engineer (private sector, never taken a penny of government money in my life, and I never will) and about as mild-mannered a person as you could ever meet. In other words, I’m not pro-police or anti-police. I’m not poor (I pay more in federal income tax than most police officers make), nor am I black or liberal (engineers tend to be more conservative/libertarian than liberal).

        As I said before, I don’t support Black Lives Matter, yet I view the Thin Blue Line negatively. To clarify, I don’t view police negatively, I view the concept of the Thin Blue Line negatively. To me, it represents an US vs THEM mentality, where the US is police officers and the THEM is everyone else. Anyone (who is not wearing a police uniform) could be a criminal. It’s not like you can tell if someone is a criminal simply by looking at them. I mean, the biggest criminals in this country are in DC, and they’re all wearing suits.


        There is no one who despises a “bad cop” more than another cop? Perhaps, but that means little if there is no action. Police unions have made it more difficult to fire a bad cop than it is to fire a bad teacher.


        Why is it that every union in this country is under scrutiny (and rightfully so)…except for police unions? Scott Walker crushed all of the public sector unions in Wisconsin except for one, the police union. Not good. If my engineering firm couldn’t fire bad engineers, we’d have gone out of business years ago because we don’t have an eternal spigot of revenue, unlike the government.

  • Diane Messer Blachuciak

    Bullshit we need to support are law inforcement I don’t give a shit if it offends you . BLUE LIVES MATTERS. BLM SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR TERRORISM

    • M W

      “BLM SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR TERRORISM”? Could you be more specific? Who, specifically, should be arrested? And which specific laws did they break?

      • LL

        go back to your safe space and leave the conversation to the adults. If it has to be explained to you about black lies matter than you are not intelligent enough for an adult conversation. Run along back to your safe space this is too much for your little mind to handle.

        • M W

          If it’s so obvious, then answering my questions should be easy.

          Who, specifically, should be arrested? And which specific laws did they break?

      • duder1897

        Do you know what “terrorism” is? BLM is clearly a terrorist organisation. It should be banned. Period.

        • M W

          Banning an organization falls into the category of banning speech, which would make banning an organization like Black Lives Matter unconstitutional. That’s why organizations like NAMBLA continue to exist. People can be arrested and imprisoned for committing an actual crime (pedophilia, assault, etc), but simply believing and/or espousing beliefs that others find to be offensive or dangerous is not a crime (nor should it be). It is protected by the First Amendment.

          There is a word we use to describe the banning of opinions, speech, and organizations that people find offensive. It’s called fascism. SJWs (like BLM) are very much into fascism these days. It makes me sad to see conservatives adopting similar tactics (in reaction to SJWs) because fascism is what this country has fought against since its inception.

          My opinion is that Black Lives Matters should not be banned. Member of Black Lives Matters who commit crimes should be arrested and imprisoned for those crimes. I know that’s messy and more difficult than simply rounding up all BLM members and imprisoning them, but that’s one of the costs of a free society. I won’t metaphorically spit in the face of the millions of soldiers who have fought and died for this country simply because the Constitution is inconvenient sometimes.

          • duder1897

            I don’t care if it’s unconstitutional. Ban them anyway.

  • JohnWLMsmith

    Fuck BLM: they need to worry about getting JOB instead.


    well done, people who block free ways should be arrested for trespassing and for TERRORISM they use fear as a weapon. have you ever try ed to cross one of there protests. they get violent. now who should be well the one who put it all together as they are under the black-lives matter banner they should be responsible just as the city is responsible for the actions of its employees. but so far what i really see going on with black lives matter is they are fill their pockets nothing more

  • Grateful

    Yay! I think the line idea is genious. I am so happy Warwick decided to support it’s police officers instead of giving in to hate groups lining their pockets as they fan the flames of dissent. Our police officers make next to nothing and risk their lives daily. I wish people would donate all that hate money to Blue families. At least the line is a start!

  • Dennis Johnson

    I’m holding my breath waiting for the Southern poverty whatever center to label BLM as a domestic terrorist group…………..I’m turning blue……wait for it……..(collapses)