VIDEO: Woman Draws Gun In Fight Over Last Notebook At Walmart

A woman drew a gun to break up a fight over who would buy the last notebook in Walmart.

A woman drew a gun to break up a fight over who would buy the last notebook in Walmart.

Woman Draws Gun In Fight Over Notebook At Walmart

Novi, MI –  A back-to-school shopping trip turned into a fight over the last notebook in a Walmart store, and it ended when one of them pulled a gun.

The incident occurred on Monday, August 28, at the Walmart in Novi Towne Center, according to The Detroit Free Press. Novi police officers said that two Farmington Hills women, ages 46 and 32, and a South Lyon mother and daughter, ages 51 and 20, were inside the Walmart shopping for school supplies.

Novi Police Detective Scott Baetens said “One girl was going to buy a notebook. There was one left, some pushing resulted. They began to argue who was the rightful purchaser of that notebook.”

Neither group of women backed down, and the first group of women began pulling the hair of the 20-year-old.

The mother of the 20-year-old was pushed out of the way as the fight continued over that last notebook, and she pulled a gun out of her purse to protect her daughter, according to Fox2 Detroit.  Panicked shoppers and store employees began running in all directions.

Detective Baetens said that the mother was “a valid CPL holder.  She pulled out her firearm and tells them to stop attacking her daughter while pointing the gun at them.”

Police were called, and the fight quickly ended.  Detective Baetens said, “It was a senseless act of violence all the way around.”  Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to call the Novi Police Department at 248-348-7100.

Detectives are reviewing surveillance video, and have talked with prosecutors.  No decision has been made yet, but all four women are facing charges, ranging from misdemeanor simple assault to felonious assault with a firearm.

Police said that the woman’s gun was loaded but did not have a bullet in the chamber.  No one was injured.

The disposition of the notebook has not been reported.

You can see the video of the incident below.


    This is a classic example of why I never go into a Walmart with no less than 2 weapons and at least 2 extra mags…Those school supply isles can be pretty ruff…….!

    • Youcef Sabouni

      maybe you should + some extra large guns like 47 ?? or sniper and rpg7
      that is why america go like a Shiite all have guns and all want use it in stupid idiot situation

      • John Smyth

        Still haven’t got that English down pat yet enough to criticize the hand that feeds you eh Mustaffa?


        Hard to conceal a long gun….They imprint to bad….☺.!

      • John810


    • John810

      I would not shop in most Walmarts without support of a Regimental Combat Team!!!!


        lol….I heard that…….Jesus declared, ” Go now and leave your life of sin.” ~ Amen

    • that’s nothing , Black Friday Sales, now that is UZI time


        I hear ya…..Pretty kitty cat..☺.!

      • Punditator

        That’s why I don’t go to them. At some point you have to put people above stuff.

  • AdmiralRum

    It would be prudent to show the original video without the reporter doing voice over, the reporters audio drowns out the word exchanges before the weapon is drawn.

  • Darrell Turner

    The woman who pulled the weapon being a valid permitted carrier was doing so in the defense of her daughter whom was having her hair pulled by the other woman. That is self defense! The one doing the hair pulling should be the one charged.


      Better check your law books my Friend….Pulling hair over a notebook is not classified as Deadly Force or Being in Fear for your Life which is the only time it would warrant the Use Of Deadly Force…….The Lady with the weapon Committed Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Firearm….☺.!

      • Windrider_HD

        Not necessarily.


          Oh, but it was Sir…It was. ~ ☺

          • Windrider_HD

            No, not necessarily an “Aggravated Battery”. At least 4 on 1 and no telling what else might happen. Case law, maybe but …

      • Mark B.

        780.972 Use of deadly force by individual not engaged in commission of crime; conditions. … (a) The individual honestly and reasonably believes that the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent the imminent death of or imminent great bodily harm to himself or herself or to another individual. Indivuial believes that she is preventing “Great bodily harm” to her daughter who is being attacked by a much older woman with at least 50lbs on her daughter could meet that criteria…. It does not have to be in the act of “great bodily harm” only that the person believes it will happen. You should learn the law before telling someone to check the law books.

        • A Fucking LEAF

          Furthermore, all it takes is one shot to the head for someone to die. Here’s an idea: Don’t want a gun in your face? Don’t start fist fights over a fucking notebook. The second someone lays hands on you, or acts like they’re going to, you have every reason to fear death or serious bodily harm. Depending on how well you’re able to fight back, you’d be completely at their mercy if they got a lucky hit in. You might wake up on the ground, you might wake up in the hospital (maybe 15 years later if you hit your head and fell into a coma) or you might not wake up at all.

          Fuck Walmart anyways. I always try to get back to school shopping done near the beginning of summer. A pencil bag, some scissors, a couple stacks of lined paper, a couple binders, some dividers, a calculator (scientific or graphing), some mechanical pencils, a couple packs of lead, a few packs of pens, some crayons in case they get hungry…

          • Ah hiding behind an alias making stupid shit up.

          • John Smyth

            So your real name is Bigsmapson eh? Unusual almost as cute as fuck knuckle

          • I miss Reagan


          • Actually ya it pretty much is. I am Sampson and my last name is Mallory. Google Bigsampson I pop up all over. Eat shit pleb and be the fuck boy you always wanted to be.

          • Will Burroughs

            Ahhh, hiding behind a keyboard because you can’t find your favorite red helmet to go to the mall.

          • what kind of moronic parents name their LibTard son “Bigsampson”? that must be your real name since YOU are slurring A FACTUAL RESPONSE for the simple reason they used an obvious nom de plume.
            In the case that your parents actually gave you a name that isn’t laughable, then you might as well stop replying since your own accusations have discredited anything and everything you ever have written and ever will write in the future. (alias accusation applies to you you moron!)


          Sorry Charlie..Your interpretation of Great Bodily Harm, to warrant ” Deadly Force ” not even close…The O.J. Simpson dream team could not justify this women pulling a Deadly Weapon on her ( the victim ) because she thought her daughter was going to be Killed by this woman or Great Bodily Harm was to come to her………..Your going to have to appeal your case to a higher court, like maybe The Supreme Court…..( there is already case law in matter such as these )….☺ !

          • Mark B.

            Yes there is and it favors the victim of the crime. All you have to do is look at the Travon Martin case to see president. An armed person shot an unarmed person who was in a position to do great bodily harm to him. While there was many things that were wrong before the shooting, he was cleared of any wrong doing. I am an LEO and have lived in Michigan… Interpretation of of Great bodily harm is broad and in context of size differences it is proven that open fists can do great bodily harm. If you do not believe that an unarmed person who outweighs you and has you on your knees can’t do you great bodily harm then great for you. But as a parent she erred on the side of caution. In order to use deadly force in Michigan you do not have to wait for the harm to be done and the harm does NOT have to possibly lead to death.. A concussion can lead to death. You can break someones neck from the angle she was holding the girl… Any of those arguments will meet the threshold of “great bodily harm”…


            I see your State Attorney is still reviewing the incident to decide who to charge and with what if not both…If your S/A’s are like ours, they are waiting to see how much public outcry there is…..They will probably call it a draw and they have to sign in blood they will never do anything like this again..( sarcasm ) ….I retired from large city department in Florida 18 years ago….Have a nice evening….I’m 10-82..☺

          • Mark B.

            Check that. I wised up and moved south… Tennessee is my home now. A lot more relaxed… Thanks for serving!


            One of my best friends that I worked with retired and moved to Tennessee…Bought 100 acres around Hurricane Mills, Tenn…His Son is a State Trooper up there….All my kin come from Kingston Tenn……..Enjoy that pension check…..Stop Crime ~ Carry A Glock…..!

        • David Wisniewski

          Oh wow, I didn’t see her use deadly force, my bad – here I thought she pulled a gun to stop two people from beating the fuck out of her daughter. I didn’t realize she’d shot someone! Probably because she didn’t. She pulled a gun, they stopped, problem solved.

          • Supporter of stupidity. And what would stop the other person from pulling out a gun in retaliation? Fucking dumb shits all around.

          • Deplorable Covfefe

            Nothing, and had the other person pulled a gun, then the woman would have every right to fire on her for fear of being shot in retaliation. Learn the law numnut… I know its hard for you anti-gun nuts to comprehend but its like you expect people to just stand there and be assaulted or beaten and not allowed to defend themselves or loved ones.

          • John Smyth

            Looked in a mirror lately Zozo the clown?

          • David Wisniewski

            Serious stupidity. You should let your kid get beaten half to death over a $0.29 notebook instead of using your legally carried weapon to make them back off. That’s the smart thing to do. And I’ll remember that if I ever have a gun handy and spot you getting beaten. Because I respect your beliefs.
            You’re welcome.

          • actually it probably was a $5 – $15 “all-in-one” notebook but still, just go to another Walmart or order online for two day delivery (free if you pick up at nearby store)

          • Will Burroughs

            This from the Queen know-nothing retard.

          • now THAT would be time to pull the trigger… Conceal Carry is vindicated

          • John810

            Now retired, but back in the day we detectives knew our Penal Codes and charged correctly. The woman with the gun did not break any law that I observed.

      • Rdwaryer 62

        Keystone, Michigan, like Florida (where I was an LEO for 29 years) has almost the same standards for Aggravated Battery and Aggravated Assault. In the incident in the video, the woman committed Aggravated ASSAULT; not Aggravated BATTERY. Assault, as you should know from your days in Florida as a LEO, is the INTENT to commit an act, coupled with the ABILITY to commit the act and the resulting FEAR in the victim that the act is going to be carried out. The mere act of pointing the firearm at another is NOT Battery but if the victim is in fear of being shot, then the elements of Agg. Assault with a firearm are there. Of course, a good defense attorney would argue since she didn’t have one in the chamber, the ABILITY was not there. Probably wouldn’t hold up but it would still be a potential defense.


          I think I was up way past my bedtime….It’s nice havin that pension check comin in every 2 weeks but i would’t want to have to do it all over again, not in this day & time anyway……Book em, Danno..!..☺

      • BrotherWill

        “Michigan’s stand-your-ground law, MCL 780.972, provides that “[a]n
        individual who has not or is not engaged in the commission of a crime at
        the time he or she uses deadly force may use deadly force against
        another individual anywhere he or she has the legal right to be with no
        duty to retreat if . . . [t]he individual honestly and reasonably
        believes that the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent” the
        imminent death, great bodily harm, or sexual assault of himself or
        another individual.”

        Deadly force is not a requirement under the law. BELIEF that threat of great bodily harm is. Pulling someone’s hair from their scalp, beating them and having them on their ground would more than qualify. You don’t want to get shot? Keep your hands to yourself.

      • Pushed to the limit

        She was no match for that ghetto ni66er sow. She did the right thing.

      • V F

        Better check your own law books my Friend…. Not every state requires you be in fear of your life to use a legally carried weapon in defense of self and others. . It depends on the local state laws. In Texas you can use deadly force in defense of life, limb and property. Their is no prerequisite of being on fear of dying,, Sorry…. That pretty much covers us in any type of physical assault and any type of theft,,


          10-4, Tex…☺.!

    • You are a moron and just about every state has concealed weapon laws.

  • Eric Via

    Wtf, who got the notebook?

    • Rachel

      Right? They just left us hanging on that!

    • renn

      Ladies-Ladies-Ladies… Gun play over a #12, 3 ring, college ruled, 200 sheet spiral notebook? How gouache.

    • John810

      “A Story Without End!” Coming to a theatre near you soon!!!

  • Bert Mc

    I believe she has the right to protect her daughter!

    • No one has the right to pull a gun on someone for being slapped. Get the fuck out of here.

      • Deplorable Covfefe

        Being slapped is an assault, and you have the right to defend yourself. Michigan also has the “Stand Your Ground” law allowing use of deadly force if your life or others feels threatened.

        • absolutelyzerofuxgiven

          Damn why didnt I think of that name! Im gonna have to clone it on other sites I use, sorry!

        • harleygrl

          Because these days, just walking off is simply out of the question, huh?
          Good God.

          • V F

            No, Because these days and any days, No one should be beaten, abused and used as a punching bag by others.

      • Pushed to the limit

        Those were ghetto ni66ers. Not soccer moms. She did the prudent thing. Also, now the land manatee will think twice about chimping out on the next human to raise her ire.

        • Cannot upvote you simply because you used the N word, but while they obviously have ghetto brains i doubt this was an actual ghetto location. I wish the article had been clearer about what notebook, the isle doesn’t look like it would be an electronic notebook but why would anyone fight over a $5 paper binder?

          always amazes me the depths to which people sink

          • Pushed to the limit

            They’re not black people. They’re ni66ers. They wanted to just take shite from the White woman to show whose boss. They got showed, alright.

      • reefdvr

        Your name is BIG SAMPSON God’s sake. Maybe that’s why you wouldn’t need to protect yourself or child in the same way. If someone was pulling my daughters hair, rest assured, the barrel would be in the perps face.

      • Will Burroughs

        Choke on a dick, punk. She has the right to defend herself and her family. Don’t like, don’t assault somebody. She should have pulled the trigger. One less piece of scum on Earth.

        • situation shows that she didn’t need to pull trigger, so she didn’t. but no doubts that she would have had they continued to attack her daughter.

      • maddog2008

        Try doing at least a little research on the laws before making a fool out of yourself next time. ~ The woman is a LEGAL GUN OWNER and has the right to defend herself and her daughter according to the law in every state, even the liberal states like NY-Ca.-NJ zippy

      • Pushed to the limit

        That ni66er sow was assaulting the human womans daughter.

      • Freethinker02

        LEOs point guns at people all the time even though there is an absence of threat from serious bodily harm or death.

      • V F

        Uhmm,, Yes they do,, Her daughter was being physically assaulted. Perfect example of responsible gun ownership. Defense of self and others being assaulted. She ended the violence, protected her daughter and didn’t even have to shoot anyone. Good Woman 🙂 Excellent work keeping the peace.

    • harleygrl

      You think having your daughter stand there and watch you blow away another human being – over a notebook – is the best way to “protect” her?
      I guess walking off with your daughter and getting a notebook elsewhere is just out of the question for that big, hot, throbbing, EGO of yours, isn’t it?
      All her life, your daughter will never be able to not remember that time she and her daddy went to WalMart for some school supplies. Some idiot half-wit just grabbed the last notebook, and then it was ON. And THEN, Daddy blew them away. But don’t think you’re going to get to walk off into the sunset like in the movies. No, you and your daughter would not be permitted to leave the store until cops arrived, took statements, and then, since her daddy was the shooter, she and her daddy would have to go with the police. Other kids from school were in the store too, and they stare at your daughter and whisper, while you and your little girl, her face burning with humiliation and tears from crying from being so frightened at the screaming and the blood and the fighting, but your kid is a “witness”, so she has to go to the police station, too. Oh – and you can forget about that plan to take her out to eat afterwards – you’re going to be at the police station for quite awhile. Because that person you shot? Over a notebook? THEY DIED.

      Once at the police station, you and your little girl are split up, interrogated, photographed, and you are fingerprinted. You keep asking to see your little girl, but the cops tell you they’re not quite “finished” with her, so NO – you can’t. You can’t see your daughter, until the police tell you that you can see your daughter.

      You might – MIGHT! – get to finally leave the police station, it’s past her bed time and she is still so numb from the shock and the whole ordeal, that she throws up in the car on the way home.
      You’re still thinking about yourself and your own “rights” , aren’t you?

      • Punditator

        I think not being involved to begin with is the right thing to do.

        • harleygrl

          When I have my child with me, and the situation is getting tense – I don’t care WHAT it is, but particularly over some stupid notebook?!? – I can most assuredly take a walk. “Come on, sweetie – I know where we can get a BETTER notebook!”.

          And we are so GONE.

          Tahell with that sh*t. I don’t need the aggravation and that sort of thing – out of control adults – scares the bejayzuss out of kids. I don’t need to “prove” to some fat heifer in Walmart how tough I am with my big bad gun – I’m going to get my kid out of there. Because THAT is my priority.

          • Punditator

            I’m with you. I teach my kids to stay away from stupid and to deescalate. When things go plaid and the guns come out, anything can happen and it’s not worth getting dead over notebook paper.

      • V F

        Try to keep up, she didn’t pull a gun over a notebook, She pulled a gun because her daughter was being beaten and abused by a stranger in Walmart Store for gods sake. That’s exactly what defense of life, limb and liberty looks like. Good woman and responsible gun owner, ended the violent attack on her child and didn’t even have to shoot anyone. excellent work. Hopefully those thugs will learn a lesson in future, It’s not worth physically attacking, assaulting someone over a note book.

        • harleygrl

          Riiight. Her daughter walked up to the notebook display, and a feral suburbanite just all of a sudden jumped her.

          Got it.

  • Mark B.

    780.972 Use of deadly force by individual not engaged in commission of crime; conditions. … (a) The individual honestly and reasonably believes that the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent the imminent death of or imminent great bodily harm to himself or herself or to another individual.

    IF the woman can articulate that she was in fear of imminent great bodily harm coming to her daughter by her being attacked by the other woman than it meets the criteria of use of deadly force. The woman attacking the daughter was twice her size and had her on her knees.

    • Windrider_HD


  • David E Brown

    Let em have the notebook, its easier the a lawsuit. then if they attack, It’s a different story altogether.

    • David Wisniewski

      They did attack. That’s the point. They attacked, were beating the shit outta her daughter, and she pulled a gun to stop them. See? Different story.

      • David E Brown

        I just hope she can prove that, in a liberal court room

  • moki

    Probably had more notebooks in back…

    • laughing tyger


  • Jonas Blane ll

    White on White crime.

    • Carolyn Bowers

      Look again.

    • David Wisniewski

      Wow, that white chick pulling her hair has a hell of a tan. Almost looks…LIKE A BLACK PERSON. Weird…

    • Pushed to the limit

      Nah. Just ni66ers acting like ni66ers, and the human had enough.

  • TheOldGuy

    That notebook must have been made of gold…

  • GoAwayLib

    Looked more like a racially motivated hate crime.

  • David Wisniewski

    wtf is wrong with this comment system? My earlier comment has 80 likes and climbing, but according to this I’m looking at all the comments…and mine isn’t among them. People are replying, and my comment is fucking invisible. wtf

  • Robert Pashka


  • william

    Had been assaulted, daughter still being assaulted, and has CC Permit. Sounds like this was a case of why the CC permit was issued to start with. Don’t know about you but pusing shoving pulling hair, being hit is not one of my favorites. No shots fired. Who got the notebook Stand your ground. Drop the charges.

  • LJP

    this woman and some of the comments below are why CPL holders get a bad rap.

  • DinoBeliver

    “Merica……I love the Second Amendment…..

  • Should be thrown in jail for pulling that like that. Release the name so we can publicly shit on this retard.

    • David Wisniewski

      Yeah! How dare she exercise her legal right to protect her daughter from two enormous and enraged women?! Shoulda just let her get brain damage!

  • Rachel

    “The disposition of the notebook has not been reported.” Well, how am I supposed to sleep now?

    • you are supposed scream at the top of your lungs “LibTard Lives Matter” and ignore that the black women were wrong to attack a white mother shopping for her soon to be orphaned children (an exaggeration, i know, but only slightly considering it took drawing a gun to stop the attack.)

  • Terry Link

    Stopped the fight didn’t? Fighting over a notebook really ? I think she did nothing wrong !

  • Pushed to the limit

    She didn’t pull a gun over a book. She pulled her pistol to save her daughter from an animal assault. Most blacks are like vicious dangerous children that have difficulty with the phrase ” actions have consequences” , and ” that’s not yours”.. The only thing they understand is force.

  • Pushed to the limit

    What would a ni66er want with a notebook?

  • Surf Monkey

    Of course it was Walmart…

  • kcsparky

    Protect her kid…..yes. Use a firearm when there is no imminent threat to any life (no other weapons pulled)…….No! Period! The woman’s CPL should be revoked and she should be looking at jail time! I have a Concealed Carry Permit, I do carry and this woman was way out of line on this one!

  • Self defense of her daughter against a rabid black woman.

  • Kim Davis

    White folks can be so crazy sometimes.

  • joecar1949

    The Klansman with the tan was just practicing for the Xmas rush or the next time the EBT card doesn’t work! It’s an insult to dis someone from the hood! Black lies matter!

  • Worc1

    The white girl has the notebook so it looks like the 2 black woman assaulted her in order to save money for the taxpayers who provide their welfare bennies. They must have thought that the white woman were Democrat politicians and wouldn’t say no to their “demands”.

  • FITCamaro

    The woman was within her rights to carry the gun and defend her daughter from someone attacking her.

    And there are some racist jerks on here. You don’t need to use the n-word to get your point across.

  • what i see here is something the LibTard media doesn’t even mention, Black girl and her mother attacking a white girl. WHERE ARE THE CRIES OF RACE MOTIVATED HATE CRIME, no, what do they clamp on? “woman with conceal carry license pulls gun on two blacks.” never mind she was protecting a citizen on her knees while being attacked by two.


  • Warner Walker

    All this over a notebook.
    Just shows that stupid comes in all shapes, sizes and color.
    I hope there will be a follow up article.

  • Punditator

    She should have her permit pulled immediately.

  • David Bradshaw

    and suddenly they reconsidered