Walmart Legislation Underway Due To Superstore’s Abuse Of Police Resources

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Walmart legislation creates controversy

Walmart Legislation Underway Due To Superstore’s Abuse Of Police Resources

Over-use of police at tax-payers’ expense has some legislators drafting Walmart legislation that would force the superstore to take measures of handling their own security.

Walmart has long been the demise of law enforcement all across our country.  Even after signing up to sell Black Lives Matter apparel, they have no problem relying on police to come to their aid.  Walmart’s overuse of police results in multiple theft runs per shift, drug deals in the parking lot, car break-ins, and other crimes that plague the superstores. Now legislators are fighting back against the continued drain on public resources that Walmart is responsible for with a new bill coming up in the legislative session.

Last year Walmart’s overuse of police drained an estimated $3 million dollars in the Twin City metropolitan area alone. In St. Paul, Minnesota, Walmart’s overuse of police resulted in a reported 2,129 calls for service to their local police department, related to petty crimes.  Another Walmart, in Bloomington Minnesota, made another 1,250 calls and Minnesota legislators have had enough. These massive expenses have some politicians considering a form of Walmart legislation in order to help curb the expenses of Walmart that seem to be siphoning funds from city coffers.

Walmart is non-union stateside and has worked feverishly to cut costs at every possible corner, all in the name of passing that savings on to the consumer. It is questionable if that is really happening when tax dollars are being spent funding their loss prevention team.

Walmart has implemented “More at the Door” in hopes of alleviating many of the calls for police service to their stores.  These greeters in essence act as receipt checkers at the door and will “have special training,” according to  The “customer host” as Walmart has called them, will wear a yellow vest instead of blue and their duties will include “keeping entrances clean and safe.”  Not all stores will have a host however, they will be reserved for only around one-third of the stores across the country, those that deal with the most shoplifters.

Legislators in Minnesota believe that Walmart is abusing taxpayer money to subsidize their own need for private security.  State Representative Mike Nelson of Brooklyn park and State Representative John Lesch of St. Paul are developing Walmart legislation in a bill, that if passed, would either modify the rules on when Walmart would call 911 or increase their private security in the stores in order to limit Walmart’s overuse of police.  “A lot of times when Walmart comes into the cities, they ask for tax breaks, they ask for other incentives so that they can build there, and their thing is, ‘Well, we can provide jobs.’  Well, they’re not providing that many jobs, they’re not providing well-paying jobs, and then they’re dumping their security problems back on the city resources,” Nelson said.  Lesch also noted Walmart’s $14.7 billion in profits last year and their obvious ability to fund their own security and reduce the number of their police calls.  The bill will be addressed at the upcoming legislative session.

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