Walmart Has Signed Up To Sell Black Lives Matter Apparel

walmart teams with black lives matter

Walmart Has Signed Up To Sell Black Lives Matter Apparel

The retail giant Walmart jumped on the Black Lives Matter train and has begun selling their branded apparel and other related items.  The items range from ball caps, t-shirts and hoodies, to check planners.


On the heels of a tumultuous 2016 for the mega store, Walmart has made their agenda quite clear to its consumers.  They have made no attempt to explain, excuse or rescind their partnership with the group that many would label as a terrorist organization.  Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Sheriff David Clarke have all blasted Black Lives Matter for their obviously terrorist like behavior.  Members of Black Lives Matter are even facing lawsuits for their hateful rhetoric, which many believe has incited violence against law enforcement.  Now Walmart and other large companies such as Kelloggs are coming to the aid of Black Lives Matter.

Walmart is no stranger to controversy.  In September a Georgia outlet in McDonough refused to bake a cake saying “Blue Lives Matter.”  The baker  claimed the saying was racist and refused to make it.  Walmart also joined other major retailers in banning sales of all items with the Confederate flag after the shooting death of 9 members of Mother Emmanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17th, 2015.  Pictures of the shooter surfaced after the tragedy with a Confederate Flag.  Many retailers quickly moved to remove all items that displayed the flag, including Walmart.  “We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer.  We have taken steps to remove all items promoting the Confederate flag from our assortment-whether in our stores or on our web site,” they said.  Walmart also pulled an “All Lives Matter” bumper sticker from their inventory after they stated it to be offensive.

Walmart has now stocked it’s shelves with Black Lives Matter gear.  One shirt displays the phrase, “Bulletproof  Black Lives Matter.”  Others say “Black Lives Matter” with a fist in the air.  The retailer even sells a “Black Lives Matter” planner with a description that reads, “Declare your support for the pivotal Black Lives Matter movement and stay organized with this handy two-year 2016-2017 Checkbook Planner!”  To have such obvious support for a group that has declared death to cops, is appalling.  Although Walmart also sells Thin Blue Line apparel and shirts that read “Blue Lives Matter,” it seems they are no respecter of persons when it comes to profit.  Even if it means selling swag representing a group that promotes the killing of cops.


  • Jim N Kim London

    Selling items most are now believing to associated with a group who are basically the black version of the KKK .

  • NewWest 123

    Maybe they will change their way with a Trump admin…. either way, this is totally uncalled for and disgusting…..

    • Gio

      Seems to me that you guys hope Trump will force certain citizens to submit… that’s a sound plan, maybe we can bring the confederate flag back too? maybe even upgrade it with some swastikas?.

      • NewWest 123

        Who’s you guys? Btw the confederate flag should never have been gone in the first place. It’s history! Read my comment again!

  • bigtony8

    Will they sell White Lives Matter shirts? I feel bad for the White Young Kids today cause they will be a second class citizen very soon if we don’t stop this race baiting.

  • Bill Bolt

    They are a business. Remember the only color they really care about is green.

    • Kevin Frey

      No, it isn’t, they got rid of anything with the confederate flag because it offended people, but sell this racist shit.

      • Gio

        The confederate flag is synonymous with Slavery, black people having no rights and being property like a chicken or a cow, working to death without pay, it meant people could rape, murder them and anything in between with absolute impunity.

        Something that says Black Lives Matter means just that… Black Lives Matter.

        Some idiots chose to do or say stupid and its held against the entire movement, but Blue Lives Matter doesn’t seem to apply the same standards towards their own, the rare few times a cop has been convicted of a crime they treat that as an isolated incident and does not reflect on other cops, whenever corruption is uncovered they claim its isolated too and should not reflect everyone else… its a double fucking standard.

        • Rich

          The Confederate Flag doesn’t have a thing to do with Slavery. Perhaps you should research it and learn the truth. Fact is, all lives matter not just Black!

    • Mike Dickey

      Sorry, this is a very poor business choice. They loose more money than make more. There is no room in business for racism. Black Live Matter is no better than the KKK. This is very offensive to me.

  • Jenna

    Seriously? Racism is not civil rights. No group that talks about “white supremacy”, “white privilege” or “white spaces” is a civil rights movement. It is a black racist movement, and anti-civil rights. #BlackLivesMatter activists are not victims of racism, they are perpetrators of racism. Time to start boycotting Walmart.

    • quasar704

      Uh, you realize lives that BLM doesn’t enforce a premise that places black lives above the lives of other races but instead reminds the “justice” system that black lives matter as well right? You should maybe try doing a tiny bit of research before you make these false statements. By the way I’m not BLM (the group) supporter, I just hate when people make that poorly informed statement.

      • summergirl27

        It is funded by George Soros…..A Jew that got out of the holocaust, by saying he was Catholic….
        He said that he was not a bit sorry for what happened to the Jews….The man is pure evil, and all he wants is population control…..He incites riots to divide and conquer!…..Inform yourself….The information is available, if you do your homework, instead of listening to the lies of the communist left!….He hates humanity, and that means every race!!

    • Shang Tsung

      Um, the civil rights movement WAS about white supremacy, white privilege, and white spaces!!!

  • farawayplace

    Trump is going to tax their China imports. Get ready.

  • Mostpolitically Incorrectman

    I have been selling BLM shirts online for awhile now.. My brother owns a company printing shirts so I get them cheap then donate 40% the profits to my local police dept.. So these BLM idiots are giving their money to a white man that then donates to the police.

    • rdytogo

      LOL, LOVE it hahahaha

    • quasar704

      But you realize BLM isn’t white man or anti police right? BLM is anti police “BRUTALITY” smh.

    • SickOfTheseTimes

      I would buy one. To wipe my ass with then stomp on it and set it on fire.

    • CottonPickenChickeneatin

      funniest shit I read in a year! fucking A

  • Grateful

    I just wrote Walmart an email telling them why I will no longer be shopping there.

    • rdytogo

      Gonna do the same….nothing like that at Kmart lol…I just tried

      • Grateful

        Lol! Fantastic, thank you for checking.

      • mosin tom

        Our Kmart just closed. I quit shopping there when Rosie TwatDonnell convinced them to quit selling guns and ammo.

        • rdytogo

          I had no idea about that…where the heck was I then lol Thank you though for the info!

        • Flamingo51

          no now i can’t have my guns for the purge!!

    • bob Ashell

      You can still shop in Walmart. Just take the items and stick one behind the lettuce so it gets watered often in the dark. Then stick one in a fish tank maybe. Stick a couple under the hams to block ventilation, get some nice warm hams on those shirts and they will really sell.

    • Bend14


      • Bend14

        I also added Walmart to my spam/junk list for all email accounts.

  • rdytogo

    Just went to their site, just type in the search bar, black lives matter, you will see an array of clothing for that terrorist group

    • Gio

      in keeping with police tradition, lets not focus on actual criminals and just target defenseless people we don’t like… while you idiots are busy here attacking a group of citizens who got tired of the blatant racism and discrimination, real terrorists and criminals now more than ever have plenty of time to plan and actually do bad shit, all because the blacks got tired of getting hit over the head with the stick, OMFG, start building concentration camps and rounding them up, we can’t have that shit.

      • rdytogo

        Ahhhhh, You ok buttercup? I call it like I see it. NOTHING about that group is peaceful and they INCITE hate, I will say the same about CAIR and WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH. WHEN idiots, REGARDLESS of color decide that it is ok to BREAK the laws and then don’t accept responsibility for their own actions and want to behave in disrespectful and THUG like ways…and a group encourages that…yeh, they are domestic terrorists! To sell anything that promotes the same is DISGUSTING. Nothing about them is defenseless…calling for the killing of the police is a COWARDICE ACT, plain and simple. Why don’t you go be more useful elsewhere like helping in defunding PLANNED MURDERHOOD…talk about defenseless…those babies haven’t even been given a chance and they are MURDERED for simply being an inconvenience to people.

  • Delakando

    Time to burn down every walmart seen!

    • Allan B

      But a lot of black people work inside there.

      • Delakando

        What the hell does that have to do with this?

  • SkivMarine

    “We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer.”

    Well, guess what, guys; you have managed to offend the majority of the people in this country. Congratulations on your fairness.

  • Gio

    What do you people want seriously?.

    is it not enough that you and your families enjoy preferential treatment?, that you all can get away with shit most people would spend the night in jail for?, is it not enough that people get to simply watch and not be able to do anything about the rampant corruption in police departments?, that you guys actually get to be innocent until proven guilty unlike the rest of the damn population who gets treated like a criminal from the get go?, is it not enough that people HAVE to kiss your ass because of your badge and if they don’t you can literally charge them with anything and show them who the fucking boss is?, you demand respect from a community that you show absolutely no respect for at all, not kicking someone’s ass for getting a little mouthy is not an indication of respect, specially when you have to point it out like you did them a favor, it’s every citizen’s right to say ALMOST anything they fucking please, you aint got to listen, but that doesn;t mean they have to shut the fuck up, you people are fucking ridiculous, you get paid vacations while your own buddies conduct meaningless investigations whenever someone says you violated their rights, you guys got it so damn bad, granted it has escalated this past couple of years and I do not agree with people shooting cops out of anger, but you guys riding around on your high horse expecting everyone to kiss your ass and treat you as if you are all saints is not reasonable at all, respect and trust has to be earned, its a two way street, I’ve never committed a crime in my life but I guarantee that if I ever ran into a cop they would be at the very least highly suspicious of me because I am Hispanic, and yes, I base this on personal experience, even some cops that did a welfare check on my neighbor once they came and knocked on my door to ask if I had seen her at all that day and as soon as I opened the door and they saw a big hispanic guy they both put their hands on their guns and took a step back, I shit you all not, come on, you knocked on my fucking door, no one called you and you feel I may ne a threat because I’m not blonde with blue eyes?, give me a fucking break, you people are so disconnected from reality it’s amazing, I’d love cops too if I was a middle class white guy, I wouldn’t know at all what its like being a dirt poor minority, so yeah I’d be wondering what the big fucking deal is too, this is the reality minorities live day to day, we are criminals until we prove otherwise, something white middle and upper class doesn’t have to worry about, my wife is white, a cop stopped us one night on our way to watch a movie and ASKED her if “Everything was alright” while keeping his eyes fixed on me… you people probably think I make this shit up as i go, but its a reality, my wife was shocked to see how differently cops treat me when they pull me over than how they treat her, she even noticed I get pulled over frequently for no fucking reason whatsoever, she used to think the whole profiling thing was a bunch of bullshit here in AZ until she met me and saw it with her own eyes, I’ve had cops ask me before if i got “any legal documents I can show him” like he assumes right off the bat that I’m probably illegal, cops are the only people in the world who no matter how much video proof there is against them they always get away with saying “well, what you DON”T see in the video is…” what kind of s fucking defense is that?, seriously?, if I committed a crime and some one has it on tape, no one would give two shits if I said “Well, what you DON’T see in the video”, that argument wouldn’t be entertained for a fucking second by anyone… so yes, cops and their families enjoy special treatment and they can get away with so much more shit than the average Joe that it’s not even funny.

    • Mike Dickey

      I will not even read your comment. Using vulgar language is not acceptable. Use your head not your mouth.

  • Gio

    China keeps hacking and taunting the US, Stealing secrets all the damn time, just recently they stole a drone from right in front of us without a second thought… I don’t see any of you stupid fucks calling for a “Made in China” boycott… you people have your heads shoved so far up your own asses that I can’t figure out how you guys can breath, let alone read a screen.

    • Mike Dickey

      Please watch your language.

    • Phil Anthony

      The word you should have used is “breathe” and not “breath”, you idiot.

    • tyrone jones

      Gio: Spoken like a true nigger

  • Mike Dickey

    Black Lives Matter is a racist organization that support killing of our police officers. Supporting the Black KKK is not acceptable.I will not shop there anymore! GOODBYE WALMART.

  • J.E.Walker

    Not a smart move…

  • Greg Mac

    B.L.M. is No better than the K.K.K

    • AuteursRevenge

      Yea, I see them driving around lighting crosses on fire in people’s lawns and lynching people ALL THE TIME.

      • Toe Mailman

        When’s the last time the KKK even did that?

        • AuteursRevenge

          That’s your response?
          How about, when has BLM EVER done that? When have they ever bombed a church full of God fearing people?
          and to answer your question, the last KKK lynching happened in 1981. The people that participated in that lynching are still alive and well.

          • m.bluth

            A BLM’er killed five cops in Dallas. Another BLM’er killed three in Baton Rouge. Didn’t lynch them but is that really important?

          • quasar704

            Those people weren’t “BLM’ers” lol they had no affiliation with the group BLM, they were random black people that SYMPATHIZE WITH BLM. BLM the group, has never killed anyone or committed any act of violence.

          • m.bluth

            Yeah just like the radical Muslim that kills in the name of ISIS but isn’t actually a member of ISIS.

          • quasar704

            But…. ISIS actually does kill people….. I wonder why you people NEVER group radical white terrorist in with “Alt-right” or any of the Neo Nazi groups or the KKK. Instead y’all say dumb shit like “when’s the last time the klan lynched anyone”, y’all are starting to smell like pure bullshit. Dylan roof killed 9 people and said his cause was to start a race war to ultimately save the white race. Y’all don’t call him a terrorist, y’all don’t call him Alt-right… although that’s the exact rhetoric the alt-right spews. Y’all don’t call Donald Trump a terrorist or a white supremacist although PLENTY of racially motivated attacks have taken place so called in his name lol you people are hypocrites to the 3rd power.

          • Jazmyne

            That guy was not apparat of that group. He was apart of a different group. He said it in his YouTube videos.

      • GyMack

        No stupid fuck, they are too busy burning cars and businesses, rioting, hate crimes, and looting. You are living proof your mother fucks baboons.

        • AuteursRevenge

          ahh, the good old name calling resort. Well good luck getting through life, you can’t solve your problems verbally attacking people who disagree with you, deary. Ciao!

          • GyMack

            No I normally respond this way when I am talking with delusional DemoC^n+s.

          • AuteursRevenge

            Still failing at life, I see.

          • GyMack

            Still living in your moms basement I see.
            Go away delusional 💩

          • GyMack

            Why do you TransGenders always want attention?
            You get pissed because People call you delusional. If you research what the medical community thinks about your life choices, you will then try to be normal.

        • Shang Tsung

          That isn’t them!! Sorry you are so misinformed!! I guess you are living proof that your mother fucks her cousin.

          • GyMack

            Go back to your country Charlie Chan.

          • GyMack

            Negative Dippy – I suppose a true at some point you will have to stop breastfeeding from your moms tits – 20 years is a long time, eh?

            Go home Charlie,

    • quasar704

      yea because they kill people for being white or whichever race they dislike the most that day. They bomb White churches killing small white children. They kill black that decide to stand shoulder to shoulder with white people and fight for their civil rights. Right


    blm only care about money it the sheep who think they care about them that make them the money

  • Mr Mackey

    I will never, ever set foot in one again.

  • Marvin Rippner

    no more shopping that shit store, fuck BLM and anyone who supports it! WLM, fuck you!

  • Tripin S

    Never stepping foot inside another Walmart, ever.

  • Marvin Rippner

    I spoke to the Archer Road Store Manager (now in the new Butler Plaza site (Gainesville, FL) , he assured me there was NO such merchandise in his store and if it was he would remove all of it!

  • NFL_is_dead_to_me

    If your inquiry is regarding a product sold on our site by a third-party (Marketplace item), please access My Account to communicate directly to the seller as they are responsible for providing customer support for their products.

    Item is:
    Zexpa Apparel Designed and Printed in United States
    Sold & Shipped by Zexpa

    That is the excuse from Walmart. Disgusting!

  • Bob Roberts

    Walmart can kiss my ass.

  • GyMack

    I can’t wait until Trump declares BLM as a Terrorist Group. Then anyone who aids our enemies will get slammed by a real DOJ.

  • iRickie

    Verified Walmart is selling the product through 3rd Party. Emailed Walmart investor services. What is Walmart thinking?

  • Fisty McSquintytits

    “Sold and shipped by….” ::points at people::

  • speakingup

    I also will not shop at Walmart ever again.

  • Debbie Osborne

    Well I no longer nor my family be shopping walmarts ever again

  • John Michael Rydholm

    I fly my Thin Blue Line and Thin Silver Line (corrections) flags all the time. It’s my front yard, my house. I’ve had people drive past, glare, say “F– the police,” etc. Yep, you’re still wrong. Probably have oustanding warrants. See you real soon. 🙂

  • nbdawg1950

    This isn’t a problem. Just BOYCOTT WalMart.

  • Sunny Skye

    I knew Sam Walton. This was NOT his vision. He is spinning in his grave and if he were still alive he would shut the whole thing down. I am ashamed to say I live in Bentonville….. in America when I see this hate-filled terrorism crap everywhere. It’s SICK!

  • Moogiechan

    This article needs an update — Walmart has pulled these items.

  • summergirl27

    Every American patriot, should boycott Walmart!!!……

  • Jazmyne

    If a blue lives matter shirt is in Walmart why not black lives matter shirt then?

  • Jazmyne

    People fail to do that! I say that all the time!

  • Flamingo51

    i just looked on wallmart and i saw bluelivesmatter mixed in with BLM closes

  • E Marie Sobien

    Grateful….I will join you!