7 Videos Of Violence At The UC Berkeley Riot

Terrorists showed up and started the UC Berkeley riot.

Terrorists showed up and started the UC Berkeley riot.

Video From UC Berkeley Riot

Berkeley, CA –  A scheduled protest against speaker Milo Yiannopoulous turned into a full-blown Wednesday night. A masked group of rioters showed up, began breaking windows, setting fires, attacking students, throwing bricks and bombs at police.

An estimated 150 anarchists spearheaded the riots, indicating that the anarchist’s numbers are growing significantly from years past. They have also been more active, showing up at protests all over in order to start rioting.

Here are seven videos which highlight the violent terrorists we’re dealing with.

Car Speeds Off With Rioter On Hood

This person wasn’t going to stick around to be victimized any more. Good for them:

Trump Supporter Pepper Sprayed By Rioter

Just as she finished giving an interview with a local news station about appreciating the non-violent protesters, this Trump supporter was sprayed in the face by a rioter:

Innocent People Chased And Beaten Unconscious

Anybody who opposed the riot or appeared to be a Trump supporter was attacked. In one attack, a man was beaten unconscious:

Girl Randomly Attacked

This girl was just standing around when she wa shit in the head with a pole and pepper sprayed:

Police Outnumbered As Rioters Go Crazy

At times, there was little that the officers could do as they were surrounded by a violent crowd:

Rioters Throw Bombs At Building, Generator

The generator got fully engulfed in flames from the bombs:

The UC Berkeley riot was and organized act of terrorism and they should be treated like terrorists. The organizers and everybody involved should be arrested and charged federally.

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