VIDEO: Triggered Antifa Turns On Non-Violent Marchers For Refusing To Riot With Them

Triggered Antifa went on a crazy rant against anti-racist protesters.

Triggered Antifa went on a crazy rant against anti-racist protesters.

Video: Triggered Antifa Goes Nuts On Anti-Racism Marchers

Seattle, WA – An Antifa marcher went unhinged on her fellow marchers after the group she was with refused to riot with them (video below.) This is perhaps the greatest Antifa video that I’ve ever seen.

The Patriot Prayer group rallied on Sunday in Seattle’s Westlake Center, prompting counter-protesters to gather to protest the “nazis.” Patriot Prayer is a right-wing group with no connection to white nationalism, although small numbers white nationalists are often attracted to their rallies.

The counter-protesters, made up largely of unmasked Seattleites, but being led by masked Antifa, met up at 1 PM. In speeches before they marched, the group made it clear that they view the Patriot Prayer group as a violent hate group.

Antifa members could be seen openly carrying sticks and shields disguised as signed. At least one was armed with a pistol.

The counter-protesters started marching down a route opened to them by Seattle PD, then the Antifa in front suddenly took a turn down an alley. Seattle PD crowd control officers blocked the end of the alley and the group tried to go through the officers, resulting in Antifa getting pepper sprayed while the rest of the counter-protesters hung back.

The Antifa then returned to the street and some members of the group tried to push past the police line, resulting in an arrest. The crowd then began to spray down the officers with silly string as the officers held their line. Somebody reportedly threw an explosive toward police, prompting them to respond with flashbangs to push the crowd back.

The group continued marching while being closely followed by police.

Antifa in the crowd could be heard talking about using “black bloc tactics,” but they said that they couldn’t do it, because people wouldn’t follow them and “you need numbers for black bloc.”

A small group of masked Antifa then ran off in an apparent attempt to start destroying, but they were quickly outnumbered by bicycle officers, and they grumpily made their way back to the main group.

Once the counter-protest group stopped marching, one of the Antifa was completely triggered by the groups refusal to riot with them.

She snatched the microphone out of the hands of one of the march organizers, “I walk the street that mowed down that woman every single day for thirteen years. I’ve worked in Charlottesville, I had all my friends in Charlottesville, I booked shows in Charlottesville, I know the woman who was hit and killed by Nazis,” she said.

“So today, when all of us, all of us scaaaaary anarchists who cover our faces, because we don’t want to get seen at work, or we don’t want idiots like you that record our faces to expose who we are, because we fight fucking Nazis! We punch them. We hurt them. We prevent them from having a platform,” she continued.

“You failed us! All of you who stood by when we were like, ‘Please, please follow us. The Nazis are that way! The Nazis are that way!'”

“Fuck your fucking constitution. Fuck your liberal Bernie bullshit. We’re here to fight Nazis! And if you’re not here to throw down and actually fight Nazis, you’re masturbating in the street so that you can feel good about yourself. Fuck you,” she said as she threw the microphone on the ground.

While all of this was going on, the Patriot Prayer group allowed a long line of counter-protesters to take the stage and say whatever they wanted to the crowd.

The less-triggered anarchists continued trying to reason with the counter-protesters and then Triggered Antifa returned, singing, “Fuck your liberal pink pussy hat bullshit!”

You can see the videos of the Triggered Antifa below from King 5 News. NOTE: They split the feed between the Patriot Prayer group and the marchers. You may hear some audio from the counter-protesters who were allowed on stage by Patriot Prayer.