VIDEO: Couple Snapchats Themselves Firing Guns At Random Houses In Houston

Snapchat video was recorded of two suspects shooting at random houses in Houston.

Snapchat video was recorded of two suspects shooting at random houses in Houston.

Snapchat Video Shows Random Drive By Shootings

Houston, TX – Houston police are looking for the suspects involved in posting Snapchat videos of themselves firing guns at random houses in Houston (video below.)

The series of videos were geotagged and timestamped, and show the couple firing the guns.

The incident was discovered when a reddit user was online early Tuesday morning, looking at nearby public snaps when he found the videos. Snapchat videos normally expire, but another reddit user was able to save them.

Chron spoke with the reddit user who told them, “I was just browsing the Snap Map feature that lets you see all the public snaps in any location. I work in that general area and was just seeing what was going on. They were dumb enough to post these publicly with a tagged location and general time stamp.”

So far, Houston PD says that they haven’t been contacted by any victims.

“We would need someone whose property was damaged or a victim of some sort or a witness or the person who took the video, to come forward and file a report,” Houston PD spokesperson Kese Smith Told Chron. “At this point in time, nobody has come forward to file a report or make a complaint.”

The reddit users identified possible suspects, then redditers started posting to the potential suspect’s Facebook page, causing the potential suspect to start deleting evidence. The identities of the suspects have not been confirmed.

As for what was hit, Click2Houston reporters followed the route and report finding a bullet hole in a business sign.

If you have any information about the crime, please contact the Houston Police Department.

You can see the video of the shooting below:

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    They MAKE you hate them.

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      White people?

      Don’t be so harsh, they’re not all bad. These two are just extra stupid.

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        I think you could go with extra super stupid on these two. Hope they catch them

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    Execute them both.

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    Wow, classy couple, it’s just too bad someone with some serious weapons training didn’t return fire.

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    The gal is smoking, too bad she’s so stupid.

  • Dawn Bell

    “You’ve got to wait till someone files a complaint”? Really? Last I recall, it’s illegal to fire a gun within city limits! So that’s your crime right there. Don’t wait till these 2 idiots kill someone!! I hope they are found and get the book thrown at them! And unfortunately you can tell they like that “gangster” lifestyle. Look at the way they are dressed, tattoos everywhere and the music they are listening to. Smfh!!

  • dan

    Wreckless, no – this is assault towards the potential people on the receiving end. Does not look like they are Irish, does it?

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    Oh, look at the young woman’s clothes. She might be freezing – let’s get her indoors and into some nice orange pants and shirt.

  • I don’t normally say this but I seriously hope these fuckers are caught.

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      Why would you not normally want criminals to get caught?

      • What I meant by that is that I don’t normally take interest or get involved but these two I especially want to get caught.

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