WATCH: Newly Released Video Shows Citizen Shooting Florida Deputy’s Attacker

Video released of hero, Ashad Russell, shooting Deputy Dean Bardes's attacker.

Video released of hero, Ashad Russell, shooting Deputy Dean Bardes’s attacker.

Video Shows Hero, Ashad Russell, Shoot Man Attacking Florida Deputy Dean Bardes

Estero, FL – Authorities have just released cell phone video which shows the November 14th shooting of a man attacking Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes.

On November 14th, Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, a 12 year veteran of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, was working a wreck on I-75 when a vehicle drove past him at very high speeds, nearly striking him. Deputy Bardes pursued the vehicle for several miles until it finally stopped.

As soon as Deputy Bardes exited his patrol car, 53-year-old Edward Strother rushed the deputy, jumping over the car’s driver’s door, and slamming him on the ground. Strother then mounted Deputy Bardes and started pummeling him.

As cowards recorded the attack on their cell phones, citizen hero, Ashad Russell, approached Strother and told him several times to get off of Deputy Bardes. Strother told Russell, “You better kill me.” Deputy Bardes told Russell, “Please shoot him.”

Ashad Russell fired three times, mortally wounding Strother. The video shows that Russell then walked away, dropping his gun, as he returned to his car to wait for officers.

As he walked away, another bystander touched his shoulder in thanks.

Ashad Russell advised that he was in shock after the shooting. He was declared to be a hero and not charged in the shooting.

Cell phone video of the encounter has finally been released, which shows the incident play out. You can see the video here:

Thanks to Ashad Russell, Deputy Bardes survived this attack. Would you have shot to save the deputy’s life? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.