Video Appears To Show Red Cross Throwing Away Mass Amounts Of Donated Food And Goods

A video was posted online where the creator says that the Red Cross is throwing away supplies. The organization denies those claims.

A video was posted online where the creator says that the Red Cross is throwing away supplies. The organization denies those claims.

Are Red Cross Supplies Being Thrown Away?

Houston, TX – A video posted online shows what the creator says is a massive amount of food and blankets that had been reportedly donated to the Red Cross. The video creator claims that the organization was throwing it all away (video below.)

Along with the now-viral video, Wendy Wilkerson Underwood posted the following description:

“Have you seen the posts about the Red Cross and their abuse of volunteers and evacuees? Well, this is going to blow you away! They are throwing supplies into the trash in Houston. But don’t worry, they said they can collect more from what’s going on in Florida. I’m glad they are so respectful of their donors hard earned money.”

You can see the video here:

A Red Cross spokesperson told Snopes that they don’t throw away items like this, saying:

“We work with a large number of partners, who provide bulk donations of goods to the Red Cross. There has been no directive given at any of our operations to discard or dispose of any new donated items such as canned food, water, diapers, blankets or dog food.

“Numerous inquiries to Ms. Underwood, who originally posted this video, have gone unanswered. These inquiries have come from both the local Red Cross staff on the ground in Texas, the Disaster Response Operation in Texas, and from Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington, DC.

It is important to note that these videos seem to have been filmed in Ms. Underwood’s garage in Waco, Texas, nearly 200 miles — or a three-hour drive — from our primary warehousing operations in Houston.

We have asked Ms. Underwood if she was on the ground at any one of our Red Cross shelters or warehousing facilities; we have asked her to open these closed plastic bags to show us what is in them, and we have asked her to identify the “Red Cross Director” she cites. She has not done so.”

At this point, it’s not clear if there’s any veracity to the claims in Underwood’s video since she won’t comment further.

However, Houston City Councilman Dave Martin still doesn’t want people to give money to the American Red Cross. He said that the local government has been doing all of the disaster relief work while the Red Cross rakes in donations.

“Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money [donating to the Red Cross],” he said, according to the Houston Press. “Give it to another cause.”

Meanwhile, The American Red Cross’ strategy may involve spending more money by giving directly to affected families. The Red Cross has announced that they are giving away around $400 to each family affected by Hurricane Harvey. Over 100,000 families have already contacted them about it, which will bring the price tag to well over $40 million.

Of course, you can always cut out the middleman and give directly to those families yourself.

An crowdfunding page has been set up for three Texas law enforcement officers who lost everything in the hurricane. is a non-profit crowdfunding site for first responders, which is run by a friend of Blue Lives Matter. Donations to the officers through this site are tax-deductible.

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