Video Appears To Show Red Cross Throwing Away Mass Amounts Of Donated Food And Goods

A video was posted online where the creator says that the Red Cross is throwing away supplies. The organization denies those claims.

A video was posted online where the creator says that the Red Cross is throwing away supplies. The organization denies those claims.

Are Red Cross Supplies Being Thrown Away?

Houston, TX – A video posted online shows what the creator says is a massive amount of food and blankets that had been reportedly donated to the Red Cross. The video creator claims that the organization was throwing it all away (video below.)

Along with the now-viral video, Wendy Wilkerson Underwood posted the following description:

“Have you seen the posts about the Red Cross and their abuse of volunteers and evacuees? Well, this is going to blow you away! They are throwing supplies into the trash in Houston. But don’t worry, they said they can collect more from what’s going on in Florida. I’m glad they are so respectful of their donors hard earned money.”

You can see the video here:

A Red Cross spokesperson told Snopes that they don’t throw away items like this, saying:

“We work with a large number of partners, who provide bulk donations of goods to the Red Cross. There has been no directive given at any of our operations to discard or dispose of any new donated items such as canned food, water, diapers, blankets or dog food.

“Numerous inquiries to Ms. Underwood, who originally posted this video, have gone unanswered. These inquiries have come from both the local Red Cross staff on the ground in Texas, the Disaster Response Operation in Texas, and from Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington, DC.

It is important to note that these videos seem to have been filmed in Ms. Underwood’s garage in Waco, Texas, nearly 200 miles — or a three-hour drive — from our primary warehousing operations in Houston.

We have asked Ms. Underwood if she was on the ground at any one of our Red Cross shelters or warehousing facilities; we have asked her to open these closed plastic bags to show us what is in them, and we have asked her to identify the “Red Cross Director” she cites. She has not done so.”

At this point, it’s not clear if there’s any veracity to the claims in Underwood’s video since she won’t comment further.

However, Houston City Councilman Dave Martin still doesn’t want people to give money to the American Red Cross. He said that the local government has been doing all of the disaster relief work while the Red Cross rakes in donations.

“Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money [donating to the Red Cross],” he said, according to the Houston Press. “Give it to another cause.”

Meanwhile, The American Red Cross’ strategy may involve spending more money by giving directly to affected families. The Red Cross has announced that they are giving away around $400 to each family affected by Hurricane Harvey. Over 100,000 families have already contacted them about it, which will bring the price tag to well over $40 million.

Of course, you can always cut out the middleman and give directly to those families yourself.

An crowdfunding page has been set up for three Texas law enforcement officers who lost everything in the hurricane. is a non-profit crowdfunding site for first responders, which is run by a friend of Blue Lives Matter. Donations to the officers through this site are tax-deductible.

Meanwhile, Warrior 12 has announced a limited edition Texas Crusader shirt that will only be available for a few more days to help raise money that will go to these officers in Texas. The only chance to get this shirt is to order now before he pre-order ends. You can order the shirt HERE.


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  • Victoria Zwick

    I have heard about this many years ago. I stopped donating to red cross. Also the people running red cross get paid salaries from the donations. Give to Salvation Army or churches (not Joel Osteen, skims) or to the many other volunteer organizations. Check their financial statements online to decide who actually gives the donations that are meant for the victim to the victims. We don’t need another Katrina disaster scam.

    • Terri Needham

      AMEN!! They are one of THE worst organizations ever!! They prey on poor people hit the hardest by natural disasters, and get away with it because of their name!! 😠

  • Jo Sunderland Woods

    WHY aren’t those supplies at the animal shelter??? It looked like 3 VERY expensive Crates laying there. I know how much they are and the dog food people donated!!You need to get it where it belongs and NOW! Yes, I too have heard Very bad things about the Red Cross and the CEO needs to be investigated too!! If we COULD get it directly to the Victims Red Cross believe me we would, What are you doing taking after the Clintons and KEEPING all the Donations like they did to Haitians??? SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

    • Zev Sero

      And this is why you must always read the post before replying, so you won’t look like an idiot. These supplies aren’t at the animal shelter (which one?) because they’re in this sick Underwood woman’s garage, and have never been within 200 miles of Houston, let alone anywhere near the Red Cross. SHE FAKED THE WHOLE STORY and you fell for it despite the evidence being given to you right here in the post, because you didn’t bother to read it.

      • Terri Needham

        And YOU should investigate the almighty red cross in depth, before you give them the benefit of the doubt!! There are multiple reports, over the years, of the red cross wrong doings!! I stopped donating blood to them YEARS ago, when I and other family members, donated blood specifically designated for my Aunt, and they CHARGED her for the blood she received during her open heart surgery!!! They are nothing but money hungry THIEVES!!!

        • Zev Sero

          Wow, what an idiot you are. Of course they charged. What do you think they *ever* charge for? Not the blood, which is *always* donated. They charge for their service, which your aunt got the same as anyone else, and which you surely didn’t imagine costs nothing! On the contrary, getting designated blood for a specific patient costs them *more* than just drawing it from the general bank of donated blood, so they should charge *more* for this service.

          In any event, even if your story had been valid, what’s it got to do with this? The video is fake, it was NOT filmed at any Red Cross center but in this woman’s garage, so there’s nothing to discuss, and asking why the stuff filmed isn’t at an animal shelter shows that the asker didn’t bother reading the post.

          • Terri Needham

            WOW! It’s really sad that you feel the need to call me an idiot just to make yourself feel better!! AND…nowhere in my post did I say I believed the video! Maybe YOU should bother reading posts more carefully?

          • Oaf Dawg

            Red Cross makes hundreds of millions on the blood freely donated to it. They not only sell the whole blood, but they reduce the blood down to it’s individual components (platelets, plasma, etc) and sell that too. After all, they need to pay it’s administrators their exuberant salaries doncha know. Ask an old WW2 vet what they think of the Red Cross. I bet it’s not positive!

    • Marilyn
  • magnum.pi

    When the directors of the Red Cross make many times more than most executives I know, it becomes a “For Profit” organization. I also noted they were selling emergency basic supply kits for $5 each. WTF? They should be free. Maybe cut the salaries of those fat cats who get paid obscene amounts of money to sit on their butts and collect fat paychecks/ And maybe stop all the galas where they purport to get big donations while spending the donors dollars. Nothing is free from the Red Cross…we have heard of people who have been billed for what they received. It’s just a huge money making deal and not for those in need. Imagine the cost of printing ARC on every basic needs bag. Why not plain plastic or cloth or even Tyvek bags? Hmmm

    • Terri Needham

      AMEN!! They are thieves of the worst kind!!

    • Zev Sero

      Nothing should ever be free. When something is free people don’t appreciate it, and waste it. $5 is a nominal charge, well below cost, but it makes people think before wasting it.

  • informativex

    Should we spend gas to haul these extra supplies to a pantry or the next relief staging area in Florida or use that money to just give ourselves another PAY RAISE and chuck the food and blankets in the trash? Oh tough call Red Cross TOUGH TOUGH CALLS!

  • Marilyn
  • CelticGyrl

    Here is a chart I found that addresses the very issue of “where does the money you donate go?”

  • Alex Axel Hickey

    anyone else wonder if they are expired? Most donations given to donation services are expired or expire in days. This is why i always donate money.

    • Alex Axel Hickey

      and never to the red cross.

  • Peekin-In

    How sad……….. No more red cross donations. I’ll choose Samaritans Purse, Salvation Army, etc.

  • Luz Enrique

    thats not surprised me,i saw with my own eyes,the salvation army throwing away a lot.but a lot of donations, most of them toys.i was in the same place throwing away garbage from a constructors company and we saw that a salvation army truck full of toys and others stuff. in Johston RI