VIDEO: Pursuit Of Deaf Man Daniel Harris Before Shooting; Proof He Knew That Cop Was Chasing Him

VIDEO: Pursuit Of Deaf Man Daniel Harris Before Shooting; Proof He Knew That Cop Was Chasing Him

Charlotte, North Carolina – Ever since the shooting of deaf man Daniel Harris, the news media has been full of claims that he didn’t know that he was being chased, because he couldn’t hear the sirens. Blue Lives Matter received a lot of hate for calling out the media’s false narrative on this incident, but now there’s video proof that Harris knew that he was fleeing from police.

A driver took this cell phone video at the exit ramp to Rocky River Road off of I-485, after Trooper Jermaine Saunders had already been pursuing Daniel Harris for several miles. You can see that Harris’ blue car is stopped perpendicular to traffic on the ramp, with Trooper Saunders shielding himself behind his passenger-side door. Harris is clearly aware of Trooper Saunders’ presence, but he reversed his vehicle and then pulled forward and drove away.


This video is proof that Daniel Harris was fully aware that Trooper Jermaine Saunders was trying to stop him, and Harris was making the conscious decision to drive recklessly and put other people’s lives at risk in order to flee from the stop. This video occurred well before Harris’ vehicle spun out of control near his house, at the scene of the officer-involved shooting.

Another false rumor about this incident is that Harris was just trying use sign language to communicate with Trooper Saunders at the time he was shot. Those reports are based off of speculation from people who did not witness the shooting. There are no known witnesses to the shooting. The claims about Harris just using sign language are completely fabricated. It’s believed that North Carolina Highway Patrol may have dash-cam video of the incident.

We still don’t know if the circumstances surrounding this shooting are justified, but we do know that Daniel Harris wasn’t the innocent deaf man that the media is portraying.

The details about the officer-involved shooting still have not been released, and there are no known witnesses, and people are interpreting the lack of information as a lack of justification. I don’t know this trooper, or if the shooting was justified, but I’ll donate my next paycheck to Black Lives Matter if it turns out that Trooper Saunders shot Harris for “speeding” as agitators are claiming.

  • avtx1300

    Video won’t load.

    • tekwrite

      Is DYING really worth running away?

      • mabart

        Is speeding a deadly offense?

  • Trish Radford-Poydence

    Frankly, I don’t see where you can tell much of anything form this video. It’s TERRIBLE for one. You can’t see ANY chase, while a car appears to pull away after being strangley juxtaposed on an exit ramp, and a person appearing to be a cop goes after him, it also appeared , from what little I could tell, that the police car was UNMARKED. Seems VERY shakey for a defense.

    • Myster David

      The car was not unmarked, you can see it in the video – the large black stripes with state trooper all over it. Anyone who lives in NC knows what that car looks like and who drives them.

    • Brandy

      You need to get your eyes checked.

      • Trish Radford-Poydence

        Uh, you people must be looking at a different video. You get a quick flash of the car across the ramp, a lot of scenes of grass, sky, the dashboard, the pick up truck in front of the camera. it. Then the car blocking the ramp suddenly pulls away and you see a couple of people run to cars, one MAY Be a cop, it’s hard to tell really. You get a half a second glimpse at a cop car’s lights and it disappears in about a tenth of a second. You can not see BIG BLACK STRIPES. Maybe you folks in NC imagine you see them. And you act like EVERYBODY in 51 other states should know what your NC state police cars look like, really? Do you know what an OREGON state cop car looks like? I thought not. But their are NO immediately visible stripes in this view. Several people I showed agree. SERIOUSLY? Show me another video, give me a link, but this one, SUCKS. You can tell NOTHING in that video.

  • Trish Radford-Poydence

    Yeah, where are the DASH CAM VIDEOS? Will they produce them AFTER they’ve been edited?

    • alandeon2 .

      Seriously?!? You have evidence of other “edited” police videos do you??

  • Kosal

    First of all, there is no dash cam footage nor body camera equipped with the officer involved. Secondly, you’re an idiot. Saunders did not use force after he gave verbal commands (which of course is unheard), so the only logical reason for justifying the shooting were hand movements, which I’m sure said officer would testify to.

    Lastly, the damage was caused by said officer RAMMING Harris’ vehicle during this chase, ending up with the vehicle spinning and crashing with additional damages. Regardless of whether he was speeding or not, the chase is reported to be instigated by the officer. For a mere 7 miles, I doubt that even requires an officer to damage city and private property while potentially causing a pile up even if Harris didn’t stop.

    Also, a second trooper appeared near the property blocking the roadway, either by stroke of luck, or they knew where he was going to end up. In the end, all this for a traffic stop, and an unarmed deaf man is killed for it. I’d say that is escalating the situation, rather than de-esculating, and this is why people have trust issues with police.

  • Gregg Leventhal

    I don’t care what he did in his car, he was unarmed and out of his car when he was shot, and if you cannot subdue a small unarmed man without shooting him, you’re not worthy of the badge. Reckless driving is points on his license, not a death sentence. This country is sick of this nonsense, you won’t have a shred of support any where you go in America until you fix this incompetence. Also, you claim that no one witnessed what happened but say he wasn’t using sign language, so which is it?! We are sick of the excuses after each unnecessary police shooting. I don’t buy it.