VIDEO: Police Take Down 22 Demonstrators In St. Louis Area Mall – They Lie About Police, But Their Own Videos Show Truth

Police arrested 22 protesters at the Galleria Mall Saturday after they ignored a dispersal order.

Police arrested 22 protesters at the Galleria Mall Saturday after they ignored a dispersal order.

Galleria Mall Protest Arrest Videos

Richmond Heights, MO – 22 people were arrested at the Galleria mall Saturday after they failed to obey a dispersal order. The group was demonstrating over the acquittal of former officer Jason Stockley for the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith (videos below.)

Over 150 people showed up to the mall to protest, which started peacefully, but then people started turning over trash cans, according to St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Officers on scene issued an order to disperse at 1:15 PM, and St. Louis County police say that around 150 of the people present obeyed the order. Others decided to remain and 22 people were arrested.

Videos of the arrests have been posted online with officers tackling people who ran from them. Demonstrators claimed that officers didn’t issue a dispersal order and were beating old people.

Like this LLPOF:


However, Nationwide Unrest pointed out that in Shell Eik’s own livestream they said multiple times that officers were issuing a dispersal order. Just one minute later in the live stream, they tried to claim that no dispersal order was given. You can see the clip here (WARNING: Audio gets loud):

As for the “tackled older woman,” officers did arrest an older woman after she assaulted officers who were making an arrest. They are spreading around one image of the video which makes it look like officers choked the woman, but video below shows that the officer just pushed her back and used little force.

You can see additional videos below of officers making arrests. WARNING: Loud audio on all videos.

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    Good work, men.
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    Lack of respect for people and the law, as well as liars! Are they muslim extremists or libtard fascists?

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        Side of law and order, not chaos and disorder. There is a right and wrong way to get a point across, this BS is just plain disruptive to the law abiding people who wanted to shop or enjoy a day at the galleria. Give all about 60 to 360 days in jail, see how much they like that.

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    Until the shit gets real its a game to these pukes

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    I feel really sorry for the law abiding people in the area. They can’t even go shopping in their local upscale mall without the nutbags over-running the place.

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    Since when is a loud mouthed asshole with a cell phone camera a journalist?

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    And the undercover officer knocked to the ground and beaten, the Air Force colonel, and the shoppers who weren’t doing a goddamn thing wrong. FUCK the police.

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    In the first video she states that they ARE announcing the dispersal order. Later she starts yelling out of my God they HAVEN’T even announced a dispersal order and there arresting innocent people. First of all it is against the law to hold a protest in a private ones Mall especially with using blow horns and yelling causing a disturbing of the peace. Obviously the mall called to remove the disturbance and the Mall Security was assisting. That Antifa group are just a bunch of misinformed uneducated morons. Total disrespect for the Law Enforcement and the Public. They all just need to be locked up. Those that are on welfare take it away for life. Those arrested run a background check on them and there finances to see who is receiving money for there illegal actions against the American people and give them a minimum of 15 years for being traitors to America (sell outs) for no legit reason but to push for division in America.

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