VIDEO: Orange County Deputy Surrounded, Beaten, And Choked After Soccer Game

An Orange County deputy was beaten by soccer fans.

An Orange County deputy was beaten by soccer fans.

Video Of Orange County Deputy Attacked At Soccer Game

Orlando, FL – An Orange County Deputy was attacked by a crowd of people on Sunday night who hit and choked him before other officers were able to help him.

Christal Hayes with the Orlando Sentinel reports that the unidentified officer was working an extra-duty job, in uniform, at the Orlando City soccer home opener. The game was the first game in the new stadium. The deputy came across a large fight in the street at around 7:47 PM. Preliminary information is that a group of people had stolen a seat from the stadium, prompting the fight.

When the deputy tried to break up the fight, several of the people involved began striking and choking the deputy until additional units arrived to stop the assault.

Three suspects were arrested for attacking the deputy.

The deputy was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the hospital with an apparent leg injury.

Christal Hayes obtained video of the tail-end of the assault, which you can see here:

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