VIDEO: Homeless Men Attack Security Guard, Take His Weapon Before Police Arrive

Captured on video: A McDonalds security guard stayed in the fight against two homeless men.

Captured on video: A McDonalds security guard stayed in the fight against two homeless men.

VIDEO: Homeless Men Attack McDonalds Security Guard In Santa Monica

Santa Monica, CA – Cell phone video captured the fight that started when a McDonald’s security guard asked some homeless people who were sleeping inside to leave (video below.)

The incident happened early Wednesday morning when the security guard saw two homeless men sleeping at tables in the 24-Hours McDonalds at 2nd and Colorado.

“They were taking up space it’s a private property so the security guard was asking them to buy some food or they needed to leave,” a Santa Monica PD Lieutenant told FOX11.

The men reacted by attacking the security guard. A bystander tried to grab one of the men to stop him from swinging at the guard, and the guard brought out his pepper spray. The spray appeared to have little effect, as the brawl continued out the front doors, where another bystander hit the attacker with a chair.

As the fight went on, the men punched the security guard and put him in a head lock, and at one point they even took his baton.

“At some point the security guard’s baton is taken and it’s used against him,” Lt. Saul Rodriguez, Santa Monica Police Department, told FOX11. “At that point people tried to intervene and assist the security guard.”

The fight went on until police arrived just as the security guard was forcing the men outside.

Officers were able to catch one suspect and take him into custody for assault with a deadly weapon.

The security guard sustained cuts and bruises and refused medical attention.

Most security guards probably would have quit in this fight, but this security guard kept barreling on, no matter how much they hit him.

You can see the video of the fight below: