VIDEO: Man Threatens To Kill Congressman, Dares FBI To Arrest Him, Minutes Later, FBI Shows Up

The FBI arrested a Winter Park man who threatened to kill a congressman.

The FBI arrested a Winter Park man who threatened to kill a congressman.

FBI Arrests Winter Park Man On Video After He Called For Them To Arrest Him

NOTE: We originally posted this on 03/19 but due to Facebook server issues, it left mobile users unable to see the video. Even if you have seen the full 10 minute video, the short edit is still worth your time.

Winter Park, FL – After a Winter Park man called a congressman and threatened his life, the man dared the FBI to arrest him. Just minutes later, a news crew was there when the FBI showed up.

According to WFTV9, Charles Howard was arrested on Friday after demanding a warrant and challenging the FBI to arrest him.

Howard had called a congressman at his Washington, D.C. office, and left a voicemail.  In the voicemail message, he mentioned the KKK, the FreeMasons, and the Nazis.  He said that “…we’re going to hunt your ass down, wrap a rope around your neck and hang you from a lamppost,” and that the Congressman should prepare for the “battle” and the “apocalypse.”  The voicemail message was laced with profanities.

He left the voicemail from an ‘unknown’ telephone number but the FBI was able to track the call to his residence in Winter Park.  He was interviewed by police and denied calling any members of Congress or the Senate.  When a federal agent told him that he had proof, he asked if the phone call was a violation of his First Amendment rights and ended the interview.

On Friday, as he was being interviewed by WFTV9, he asked the reporter why he was harassing him and his neighbors. He also denied threatening anyone and repeatedly demanded to see a warrant for his arrest.

Charles Howard continued and said “There’s two agents over there.  Why don’t they come arrest me?  Why aren’t they arresting me?  Because I haven’t done anything wrong…”

About three minutes later, agents pulled up to Howard’s residence.  One agent told him that they had a warrant for his arrest, and took him into custody.  He was charged with one count of Transmitting in Interstate Commerce a Threat to Injure the Person of Another.  He was transported to the local jail by a Seminole County Deputy.

You can see a hilarious video of the incident here: