VIDEO: Cops Tackle Women In Knife-Fight At Indiana State Fair

Troopers took down a knife fight at the Indiana State fair.

Troopers took down a knife fight at the Indiana State fair.

Indiana State Police Break Up Knife Fight At Fair

Indianapolis, IN – Two women were cut after a woman broke out a knife during a fight at the Indiana State Fair on Tuesday night. Nearby troopers were able to tackle the women involved and get them under control without further injury (video below.)

The incident occurred in the Midway area when a group of women got into an altercation, according to Fox 59.

Keionyae Gray, 24, pulled a box cutter out and cut two other females.

“It was an isolated incident targeted at specific people,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Stephen Wheeles. “A knife was used and it caused injury to other people. She began flailing it around and actually cut two of the other people that were in the altercation with her.”

While all of the women were initially detained, Gray was the only one arrested. She was booked on a preliminary charge of aggravated battery.

The Indiana State Fair would like to let everybody know that the fair is safe, and there are Troopers hiding around every corner to take down miscreants.

They released a statement which said:

The Indiana State Fair is committed to providing a safe and fun experience for all who attend the fair. Our security team works closely with law enforcement to protect the public by using both proactive and reactive measures to ensure the safety and security of fairgoers. Last evening we experienced an isolated incident on the Midway. This incident was handled swiftly by the Indiana State Police.

The response time and takedowns by the Indiana State Troopers was certainly impressive. Great job!

You can see the video of the incident below. WARNING: “Wooooorld Staaaar”: