VIDEO: Man In Court Attacks James Sparks-Henderson, Killer Of His Sister And Her Baby

Video shows victim's brother attack the killer in court.

Video shows victim’s brother attack the killer in court.

VIDEO: Killer, James Sparks-Henderson, Get Smirk Wiped Off His Face

Cleveland, Ohio – Video captured the moment that the brother of a victim lunged at the oxygen thief who just pleaded guilty to the murder of the man’s sister and her unborn baby, among other people.

Delray Johnson, brother to the victim, was making an emotional victim statement.

“I’m glad you’re going to suffer,” Delray Johnson said.

Then the the killer, James Sparks-Henderson smirked during the statement.

Johnson told Sparks-Henderson to “wipe that smirk off your face,” before he suddenly jumped to attack him. Just inches away from Sparks-Henderson, officers caught Johnson and dragged him from the courtroom.

Johnson’s sister, 41-year-old Sherita Johnson, was 26 to 28 weeks pregnant when Sparks-Henderson fatally shot her. After murdering her and and three other people, and shooting a 10-year-old child who survived, Sparks-Henderson took out his cell phone and took pictures of the body as keepsakes.

Sherita’s baby baby, Juwan, was born at the hospital after the shooting and died 16 minutes later.

He was sentenced to five consecutive life prison terms, according to

You can see the video of the courtroom attack below: