VIDEO: Armed Robber, James McCarthy, Rides The Lightning Face-First To The Pavement

James McCarthy got to ride the lightning straight to the pavement.

James McCarthy got to ride the lightning straight to the pavement.

James McCarthy Gets Tased Off Car After Robbing Store

Greenwood, Indiana – Armed robbery suspect, James McCarthy, got dropped head-first onto the pavement when he was tased following a pursuit in Greenwood (video below.)

The incident started Thursday night at Discount Tobacco on Fry Road. James McCarthy, 26, entered the tobacco shop with a gun and ordered the clerk to give him money, according to The Indy Channel.

During the robbery, McCarthy attacked the clerk, causing injuries which required the clerk to be transported to the hospital. The exact nature of the injuries has not been released.

The robber collected the money from the cash register and then carjacked a vehicle outside of the store.

Officers located the vehicle as it was driving in a nearby neighborhood, and James McCarthy fled in the stolen vehicle. During the pursuit, McCarthy drove through several yards, hit parked cars, and almost hit a house and a pedestrian.

The pursuit ended when the suspect vehicle struck a pickup truck at the intersection of Fry Rd and US 31.

Officers held McCarthy at gunpoint while shouting orders to him, but not a single damn was given by McCarthy. The suspect climbed up on top of his vehicle and started taunting the police.

Knowing that they were dealing with a dangerous armed robber, the officers finally advanced on the suspect with their guns drawn, and then one of the officers deployed their Taser.

The suspect nose-dived off of the car, and his head hit the pavement so hard the the sound was picked up by the bystander recording hundreds of feet away.

James McCarthy was taken to the hospital and medically cleared before being booked into jail. He faces charges of:

  • Robbery resulting in serious bodily injury
  • Robbery taking property by force or threatening to use force
  • Criminal confinement while armed with a deadly weapon
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon
  • Resisting law enforcement

You can see the video of the incident below. Viewer discretion advised:

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    The “fish flop” was too hilarious.

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    He’ll be back terrorizing the public in 2-3 years.

    • it won’t take that long knowing our justice system.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    Can’t harm someone with no working brain in his head.

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    Notice that store sign in the background. I bet that concrete was firmer. Great takedown. He does all the damage to himself.

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    Democrats again………

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    another “gentle giant” takes a pavement header as the local BLM chapter condemns police

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    I’m just glad there’s a place where white boys can get jobs.

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    Now taxpayers are burdened with clothing and feeding him for years. What about that store clerk?

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    Should charge him with destruction of public property also. That friggin’ hard head of his probably cracked the pavement when he hit. That’s one mugshot I’d like to see after the faceplant he took. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    BLM will say the cops used unnecessary force.

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