VIDEO: While Houston Is Under Water, People Start Looting

Looting has started in Houston, and some have been arrested.

Looting has started in Houston, and some have been arrested.

Looters In Houston Arrested by Houston PD

Houston, TX – The city of Houston is facing catastrophic flooding, which looters see as an opportunity. Video of looting has been uploaded to social media (video below.)

Houston PD Chief Art Acevedo has announced that Houston PD officers have arrested looters, but it’s not clear if the arrested looters are related to the people looting in the video.

The video, uploaded by Isabel Torres, shows people walking back and forth between vehicles and stores that have had the front doors broken in. Two young males could be seen walking away with TVs over their heads.

The exact location of the looting is not clear, but some of it is taking place in a Family Dollar store.

Houston area police has rescued an estimated 2,000 people so far from floodwaters, but a great many more still need help.

City officials are warning people not to flee to their attic, because they may become trapped and drown as the floodwaters rise. Instead people are being told to go to their roof and signal for help if they need rescue.

The 911 lines have been overwhelmed with people in need of help and people have taken to social media to beg people to save them. The mayor has told people to keep trying the 911 lines if you are in a life-threatening situation and cannot get through.

911 should remain the primary number to call for life-threatening emergencies.

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You can see the video of the looting below: