WATCH: Wannabe Badass Opens Fire In Front Of Harris County Deputies, Gets Smoked

Harris County Deputies stopped a drive-by shooting that was in progress.

Harris County Deputies stopped a drive-by shooting that was in progress.

Texas Thug Is Now A Former Texas Thug After Deputies Stop Drive-By

Houston, TX – Cell phone video shows the moment that three Harris County Deputies returned fire on some wannabe badass (video below.)

Harris County deputies were working in uniform at an off-duty security job for Johnny B’s Outlaw Saloon at around 2 AM Friday morning. A fight broke out in the parking lot, and then a man drove up in a blue Cadillac and opened fire. It’s not clear at this time who he was shooting at.

Three Harris County deputies ordered him to drop the gun, and when he continued to fire, the deputies gave him a premium leaded fill-up. The 27-year-old man died from copious blood leakage.

The three deputies have been placed on leave while the shooting is being investigated, according to Click2Houston. A large number of witnesses were present at the time.

One witness told KHOU, “We just heard shots, we were here with some friends,” said Ralph Banda. “We hid by the brick wall, and we heard the return fire.”

Nobody besides the shooter was reportedly hurt during this incident. It’s not clear if the passenger was arrested after he was detained.

Cell phone video captured the moment the shooting started. You can see the rocket scientist getting smoked below. His baby pictures and identity have not yet been released.

WARNING – Content may be disturbing to some people.

  • OldSalter

    Thanks for all you guys do. I was a rentacop for a few years back in the 1980s, and I saw first hand the professionalism and good work of the Virginia Beach Police department. I also visited the jail on Saturday night on official business, and I knew that I would never want to be a police officer. The scum of scum seems to visit the jails on weekends. Your jobs are thankless for the most part, and don’t get paid enough; but vital for the integrity of our nation. Please keep up the good work!

    • Degotoga

      Old Salter sounds like you have the makings of a copper.

      • OldSalter

        Too old and body losing its dependability. I had to apprehend and citizen arrest a person once, and I didn’t like it at all. I knew that I didn’t want to be a cop, but that experience taught me incredible respect for the police and the job they do. They are WAY underpaid for the danger they place themselves in every single day, but they do it anyway. My hat’s off to them, every one.

  • informativex

    “His baby pictures and identity have not yet been released”

    Still deciding should they go with the cub scout photo or the pee wee footballer photo? HAHA! Epic

    • george orwell

      Guaranteed that’s what they’ll release. That and his “on his way to college” story. F*** that guy. He found out and now he knows.

      • Degotoga

        Indelible learning vitamins that will make a permanent flash record in their SHORT term memory, high in copper, tin, lead and micronutrients of carbon, sulfur, nitrocellulose and more.

    • Paul Thompson

      WORD LOL Cap the other one too. Complete the Job.

    • Lawman49

      Good one! I had already copied that line to post!

  • Enigma505

    Dumb f@#k, desrves what he got.

  • Scott Harris

    Can’t wait for the excessive force complaint from the whiny bitches about the cop kicking the guy that wasn’t following instructions.

    • disqus_xIdL3YzMYs

      They told him to get on the ground. He kneeled down on the ground. That is getting on the ground. Maybe they should’ve said lay face down on the ground.

  • Pushed to the limit
  • Burgess Krell ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Looked like a suicide by cop.

  • Safety1

    And that’s the we did back in the day, good job HCSO !!!!

  • Degotoga

    It’s great that they rewarded the Dep’s with time-off with pay (paid vacation). Boy howdy that is a terrible way to treat your LEO’s they should have moved them out of the area; so news persons couldn’t ask them questions. Yep, they should have been sent to Cancun or Hawaii or ……… This punishment would cause other Officers to not make the mistake of stopping a righteous person from drilling as many people as they want. The LEO’s should just look on an twiddle their thumbs till it’s over then write a scaving report (like the Euro LEO’s do). This will help in banning citizens from having those wicked noisy guns on them, because they don’t need them the Law Officers can handle it. Don’t worry that the response time is 15 minutes or more (depending on traffic, no overhead lights and sirens they scare people) and your location. Just how many bullets can a bad guy make “go bang” in that short period of time, not more than one because the extremely loud noise will make the bad guy go to the store to buy ear plugs then when he comes back the Lawmen will be there with note pads and refreshments.

  • jman

    fuck you idiot

  • Gabriel Gonzalez

    video sucks

  • Mark Hatzi

    But he was such a good boy, and loved his mama

  • Fuck pigs


    • James Santos

      There not pigsthe every day people are. Payed keep us safe with out the people wl rob and killed respected the law

  • Fuck pigs