VIRAL VIDEO: Fresno Officer Accused Of Racism After Arresting Resisting Teens

VIRAL VIDEO: Fresno Officer Accused Of Racism After Arresting Resisting Teens

Fresno, California – A video posted on Wednesday is starting to go viral which shows a Fresno police officer arresting a black teen. The officer is getting accused of racism and unlawful arrest, but the video shows otherwise.

The video starts with the unidentified Fresno police officer trying to stop a teen, Keyshawn, from walking away. What happened before the video is unknown, but he was reportedly being stopped for jaywalking. After Keyshawn refused to obey the officer’s commands, and tried to leave, the officer decided to place him under arrest.

While the officer was attempting to arrest Keyshawn, he aggressively resisted arrest by grabbing the officer. Grabbing a police officer is considered aggressive as it places the officer in a very dangerous situation.  When somebody is able to control the movements of an officer, the suspect can seriously injure the officer, gain control of the officer’s weapons, or just prevent the officer from defending themself. To counter this level of resistance, police officers are legally allowed to use impact weapons, Tasers, and OC (pepper) spray.

Keyshawn assaulted an officer by grabbing him and trying to control his movements.

Keyshawn assaulted an officer by grabbing him and trying to control his movements.

When somebody is aggressively resisting, they are likely to escalate if you don’t gain control over them quickly. The situation was made even more dangerous by Keshawn’s hostile friend, Johnny, being present. At any moment, the officer could have been fighting two people.

The Fresno officer decided to risk Keyshawn escalating, and risk Johnny intervening; the officer continued to try to use control holds to gain control of Keyshawn. The officer was finally able to get Keyshawn on the ground to hold him until another officer could arrive to assist.

While the officers were taking Keyshawn into custody, you can see that Johnny was acting aggressive, refusing to stay back, and made threats to attack the officer. After Keyshawn was taken into custody, his Johnny was also arrested.

Keyshawn’s friend posted the video to Facebook with the following description:

On our first day of senior year my boii KC was about to cross the street, but he J walked, so this cop from Fresno PD started disrespecting him and grabbing him for jus j walking. Then after they arrest KC, they arrested my nigga Johnny too for recording. I didn’t wanna start senior year off like this but fuck it shit happens. Fuck the cops for this smh. I even had a couple blunts rolled for us but this shii happened so I had to face the blunts lol. But now they Tryna charge KC wit resistance and battery on an officer smh

While we don’t have an official account of what happened, it’s easy to see how this event could have been set in motion.

The Fresno police officer reportedly stopped Keyshawn for jaywalking, however he refused to stop. People cannot refuse to stop when ordered to by the police; this would effectively make enforcing laws impossible. When Keyshawn refused to obey the officer’s commands, he was committing a crime for failing to stop when ordered to by a police officer. At the start of the video you could see the officer was giving him orders to sit down rather than arresting him; the officer was trying to give him a chance to not get arrested. Unfortunately, Keyshawn continued to ignore commands.

Johnny refused to get back and got right in the officer's face while the officer was arresting Keyshawn.

Johnny refused to get back and got right in the officer’s face while the officer was arresting Keyshawn.

When Keyshawn committed the crime of failing to stop, the incident became about that crime more than the jaywalking. Every subsequent crime made the incident more serious; this was not about jaywalking. When Keyshawn grabbed the officer, that was an assault on the officer. When Johnny refused to get back when ordered to by the officer, he was interfering with an arrest. When Johnny threatened to assault the officer, that was another crime. Both Keyshawn and Johnny committed the crime of resisting arrest.

This pair is so self-righteous and ignorant, that they posted evidence of their crimes on Facebook for the world to see. They are apparently completely oblivious that they were in the wrong. Had they just stopped, and listened to the officer, they likely would have just been let go with a warning. Instead, they are now each facing criminal charges.

We don’t know what they were actually charged with, but they each committed several crimes on the video.

This unidentified officer did an amazing job, putting his safety at risk to use as little force as possible during this arrest. However, the video is becoming viral for the poor black teens who were brutally assaulted for nothing but jaywalking and filming a police officer. Please share this story to counter the popular false narrative on this incident. And be sure to comment on Facebook with your take on this incident.

UPDATE: Fresno PD released this statement on the incident:

On Monday, Aug. 15, traffic officers were assigned to areas surrounding schools for the purpose of keeping students safe on their first day back to school. At 7:30 a.m. a traffic officer riding a police motorcycle turned northbound onto First Street from Barstow when he saw a student beginning to run westbound across First Street, north of Barstow Avenue. The student was not in the crosswalk and the pedestrian crossing light was blinking red. The officer told the student to go back onto the sidewalk and cross the intersection in the crosswalk when the signal changed. The student ran behind the officer to the crosswalk and immediately entered into the intersection within the crosswalk but against the red signal. The officer told the student to return to the sidewalk until the signal changed. The student smiled at him and continued to walk westbound against the red signal.

The student then entered the crosswalk to walk southbound on the west side of First street on the appropriate signal.

The officer made contact with the student on the southwest corner of First and Barstow for the purpose of issuing him a citation for “pedestrian walking against the red signal” after the warning was ignored. The officer directed the student to stop walking and to come over to him as the officer was parking his motorcycle. However, the individual kept on walking. The officer told the student a second time to stop and “come here,” however the individual laughed and continued to walk away. The officer ordered him a third time with the same result. The officer then grabbed the student’s arm to prevent him from leaving and the student pulled away.

As a result, a physical confrontation occurred between the officer and the student and the officer took the student to the ground and placed him in a headlock until another officer arrived to assist with handcuffing the individual. The student was determined to be 16 years of age. A second person who had been walking with the 16 year old began to videotape the encounter and yell at the officer who was on the ground with the 16 year old. This person was within 5 feet of the officer and at one point said he would break the officers nose. When the officer attempted to detain him for obstruction of justice he ran from the officer. He did return a short time later and the officer attempted to detain him again, but the individual ran again. When the person returned the third time the officer arrested him for obstruction of justice.

The 16 year old was arrested and booked at Fresno County Juvenile hall for battery on a police officer, obstruction of justice, and being a pedestrian walking against a red signal. The second individual was arrested for obstruction of justice, transported to his mother’s house, issued a citation and released.

An internal investigation was initiated for the purpose of determining if the officer violated department policy during the detention and subsequent arrest of the 16 year old student and the individual who was with him. The investigation will also look at whether the officer used appropriate de-escalation tactics during this encounter. The officer was wearing body worn camera which has been reviewed as part of the internal review.

The officer did receive a cut/abrasion to his elbow as result of the physical confrontation. There were no apparent injuries to the 16 year old, but he was taken to the hospital to be examined at the request of his mother who responded to the scene.

  • Gene Splicer

    Using a taser would’ve been difficult to articulate

    • Jack Mahoghof

      No it wouldn’t. He was ACTIVELY resisting the arrest. Know what you’re talking about, before commenting.

      • Wise One

        Resisting arrest for jaywalking? So you don’t see a problem when you can be arrested for jaywalking? I get that it is a public safety issue, but seriously. Jaywalking? C’mon guys we have more important criminals to catch.

        • Sandiiman

          If you had read the article, you would clearly be able to see he was not arrested for jaywalking.The kid could have done what the cop had said and been on his merry way and none of this would have happened.

        • NOAH L. HOLCOMB. JR.

          And if that 16 year old fool had been hit by a car, his family and he would have sued the police department for failing to keep him from jaywalking . . .

          • You Lie

            Pfftt… The same thing would have happened when I hit a guy jay walking. Nothing. He was breaking the law, I wasnt, nothing you can do. No, he did not try to sue the police department. You’re just projecting what you would do.

      • Gene Splicer

        Maybe actively resisting is the same as assaultive/high risk in Mayberry, but in a real department there is a difference. Fresno is a huge department that clearly hires officers that know their force options. So, STFU about knowledge Deputy Fife.

    • Aaron January

      No not at all

  • Leigh Hepperly

    Hope they go to jail for awhile. Dumbasses.

  • Carlos Hernandez

    BLM my @$$. Stop resisting.

  • daGary Gnad

    Notice the poster of the video and commentary uses the first rule from the BLM manual: minimize, minimize minimize. KC “just j walking” and “arrested Johnny for recording”. I think it escalated a few levels above that.

  • Sharon

    What is so hard about following the orders from the officer?
    Another example of “Black Lives Matter” stupidity. If they mater so much, why keep breaking the laws, then making a fuss when the police approach. Seems to me the blacks set this stuff up just to raise a fuss.

  • TyroneCobb

    was the boy’s pappy available for comment? Oh wait..almost forgot

  • MolonLabe#tryme

    Here’s the upside.
    So much of this shite that is posted is eventually recognized, by even the “less intelligent”, as lies. It’s akin to the boy who cried wolf…
    And eventually, Darwinism will catch up to their punk arses.

  • UmmNo

    Why does Fresno have such a bad problem with jaywalkers resisting and/or assaulting police officers?

  • John Baker

    And they wonder why we have NFS….

  • AAA

    Jaywalking is a violation that protects the violator. 3000 lbs traveling at any speed is really going to hurt. People are killed on a main highway, body parts are sometimes spread out 300-400 yards. I say let the idiots meet their fate

    • MonsterBansheeRage3D

      “3000 lbs traveling at any speed is really going to hurt.”

      If only this dude had known that. Crazy how standing in the middle of a busy, high-speed road can result in serious injury.

      It’s obviously a result of white supremacy, capitalism, and institutional racism, though. /s

      “Gunshots After Car Hits Ferguson Protester”

  • Dennisinlexky

    These 3 young men are your typical Clinton voters.

  • Sebastian Raja

    “Grabbing a police officer is considered aggressive as it places the officer in a very dangerous situation.”

    So what you’re saying is Officers aren’t taught methods on body control? Its pretty clear in the video the Officer is having trouble maintaining control of the situation mentally and physically.

    “When somebody is able to control the movements of an officer, the suspect can seriously injure the officer, gain control of the officer’s weapons, or just prevent the officer from defending themself”

    Which is exactly why breakaway techniques are taught and why double retention holsters are used. The officer chose to insert himself in to a potentially harmful situation rather than de-escalate the suspects until support arrived.

    As far as Jaywalking is concerned, it’s not a crime or an arrestable offense. Rather an infraction treated as a misdemeanor in some jurisdictions. Which means the Officer has a GREAT DEAL of discretion and STILL chose revenue over a written warning to both suspects.

    No, I’m not saying these kids are right, in fact they’re both ridiculously uneducated but in that same aspect so is the officer. Both parties can learn from this incident.

    • Aaron January

      Hey Sebastian what do you think an officers job really is? Placing yourself in extremely dangerous situations to protect and serve the public and uphold all laws. You don’t know how the situation started off and this is once again based upon the video uneducated people taking the law into their own hands. The officer was within his discretionary right to place hands on this individual and attempt to subdue him. If anything the officer went too lightly on the subject considering you don’t know what he had in his pockets and had multiple people who was willing to fight on his behalf.


      Yes. The officer has learned that today’s anti-cop rhetoric has infected the minds of young people who now think that disrespecting the police is the thing to do, especially when your friends are recording the incident. The 16 year olds have learned that their negative behavior makes them heroes in their community.

    • SamuelThomas

      You are are clueless idiot.

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    Officers: Please allow negroes to jaywalk. They will get run over which is a very good thing and we won’t have to put up with all this Black Lies Matter idiocy. . . .

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      Nah……lock em up

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    Fuck the blm bullshit! Listen when you’re told too dumbass!

  • Those n-words deserved a night stick upside the head.

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    This cop was completely in the right. All would have been fine if the idiot would have listened in the first place.

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    Came here for the comments & was not surprised by all the racist, ignorant comments…yeah you’re all still bigots for applauding this cop, essentially for beating up a kid. You’re all revolting humans.

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      And as usual, these punks were nothing but uneducated morons disrespecting authority and the law. Yeah, he really beat up the kid. Don’t know what video you saw.

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    don’t these cops have tazers?

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    “I even had a couple blunts rolled for us but this shii happened so I had to face the blunts lol.”

    Brilliant idea to talk about the drugs you had on you.

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    for jay walking , doesn’t this cop have better thing to do .

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    I wonder if this site only serves & honors white cops.

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    Decades ago your ancestors stood below trees of human beings who were hung. You are just like your ancestors. The platform may have changed, the situations vary…. yet you still remain just like those who stood below trees justifying injustice in our country. How many children need to die before you realize that we are not going back to those days where society determines who lives and dies by popular opinion. When are you going to stop promoting the unconstitutional ideal that innocent until proven guilty is null and void if there isn’t complete and total obedience of society to any command of the law? We have the right to regulate our police departments and no man, woman, or child, shall be subjected to physical violence if a police officer fails to follow strict policies when handing out tickets. There will be human beings upset at the ticket, that’s a given. You can’t control these emotions. A good cop will know how to work with the people and those are the cops we should hire. Not these cops who believe they need to take it a step further or harass. There are already laws in the books on how to regulate people. We don’t need this strong arm of the law. They need to learn how to hand out tickets appropriately. If Blue Lives Mattered that much to you, you’d kick out those who make them look bad and lose respect with the public.