Video: Officer Involved Fayetteville Shooting

fayetteville shooting

Suspect with a gun in his hand. (Fayetteville PD)

Video: Officer Involved Fayetteville Shooting

Fayetteville, NC – Fayetteville Police Department released video Friday showing a fatal officer involved shooting from 2013.

Watch the shooting in the video below

The officer involved Fayetteville shooting occurred on May 1st, 2013 when Fayetteville Police Officer Denton Little responded to Officer Phillip Burlingame’s request for backup on a traffic stop. Upon arrival, Officer Little was informed that the driver of the vehicle did not have any identification and possibly gave a fake name.

Both officers noticed that the two occupants inside the vehicle were acting very nervous. The officers agreed that they should step the driver out of the vehicle to speak with him. Officer Burlingame asked the driver to step back to his patrol car.

Officer Denton remained by the vehicle, watching the passenger. You can hear officer Burlingame being very calm and civil in the video. He asks to the driver “You just smoke or what’s the deal?”. The driver then says “c’mon man”. A struggle can then be heard on the officer’s body recorder.

Officer Denton states in his affidavit that he saw officer Burlingame find narcotics on the driver. The driver tried to run when the narcotics were found, but Burlingame took control of the situation and placed the driver under arrest. As Burlingame was placing the driver under arrest, you can hear the driver screaming like a madman.

At this point, Lawrence Edward Graham III takes off running out of the vehicle. You can clearly see from the video that he has a gun in his hand. Officer Denton pursued Graham on foot.

fayetteville shooting

The suspect running out with gun in hand. (Fayetteville PD)

In Officer Denton’s affidavit he states that he ran around the back of the car to intercept the fleeing suspect. He thought that Graham was running to help the driver of the vehicle, who was being arrested. Instead, Graham took off running in front of the car with a Glock 22 in his hand. Officer Denton stated he saw Graham turning towards him and fired 3 shots, 2 of the shots struck Graham. Graham was paralyzed and died a month later.

Fayetteville Police Department released this timeline of the incident on their Facebook page:

• 08:06:20 – Officer Burlingame conduct traffic stop
• 08:06:31 – Officer Burlingame introduces himself to the driver and provides the reason for the traffic stop
• 08:06:44 – Officer Burlingame asks for driver’s license and vehicle registration
• 08:06:51 – Driver provides fictitious name to Officer Burlingame
• 08:07:41 – Officer Burlingame walks back to his patrol vehicle
• 08:08:04 – Officer Burlingame requests for an additional unit to respond to the traffic stop
• 08:09:34 – School bus passes the traffic stop
• 08:12:39 – 2nd School bus passes the traffic stop
• 08:13:54 – Officer Burlingame is conversing with Officer Little and advises that the driver provided him with a fictitious name and the vehicle smells like weed
• 08:14:25 – Officers Burlingame and Little approach the vehicle
• 08:15:39 – A struggle ensues between the driver and Officer Burlingame
• 08:15:43 – Suspect can be heard yelling during the struggle with Officer Burlingame
• 08:15:46 – Lawrence Graham comes out of the driver’s side of the vehicle with a handgun
• 08:15:48 – Officer Little draws his service weapon
• 08:15:50 – Gunshots are fired
• 08:21:01 – Graham states that he threw the weapon

Read officer Little’s official Affidavit here

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