FULL VIDEO: Intense Dundalk Police Gunfight Includes Shotguns And Dual-Wielding Pistols

Intense full video of the Dundalk gunfight shows the extent of the gun battle.

Intense full video of the Dundalk gunfight shows the extent of the gun battle.

Full Dundalk Gunfight Video

Dundalk, MD – Baltimore county prosecutors announced that the Dundalk officer-involved shooting on a metro bus earlier this month was justified. Intense video from the gunfight has been released showing the moment it started inside the bus and bodycam footage during the gunfight.

The incident happened on June 7, after Blaine Erb robbed two people in a shopping center parking lot and then fled onto an MTA bus on Dundalk Ave.

Officers stopped the bus to look for Erb, and as they went to contact him, he pulled his pistols. Erb then opened fire on Officer Slocum, who wasunable to get a safe shot with all of the passengers on the bus.

The officer retreated around the side of the bus as all of the passengers fled. Other officers responded to the area and engaged Blaine Erb in a gunfight as Erb shot at officers with a pistol in each hand.

During the gunfight, Officer Slocum was shot in the leg. Other officers used a tourniquet to save her.

After an intense gunfight, officers were able to shoot Blaine Erb until his blood pressure dropped to 0, at which time he was taken into custody. Prosecutors declined to charge him because he was dead.

Despite Blaine Erb actively attempting to murder police officers by shooting at them with multiple firearms, Baltimore Sun’s Alison Knezevich reports that Erb’s niece says that police didn’t need to kill him and “police could have fired at Erb ‘with a non-lethal shot.'”

Knezevich reports that the prosecutor said that the videos “greatly contributed to our ability to make a quick decision in this case,” and “It’s clear that several officers were in danger and civilians were in danger. The officers had to protect themselves and the community.”

You can see the video of the gunfight below. Viewer discretion advised: