VIDEO: Hero Citizen Takes On Armed Robber, Puts Him In Critical Condition

Video captured the moments that Cregg Jerri fought off an armed robber in Starbucks.

Video captured the moments that Cregg Jerri fought off an armed robber in Starbucks.

Video Shows Citizen Hero, Cregg Jerri, Take On Armed Starbucks Robber

Fresno, CA – Video has been released of a robbery at a Starbucks coffee shop where one of the patrons took on the robber, leaving the criminal in critical condition (video below.)

The robbery occurred at the Starbucks at North Golden State Boulevard and West Kathryn Avenue in Fresno on Thursday afternoon. A man armed with a gun, a knife, and an Optimus Prime mask entered the the building and demanded money from a clerk.

The clerk appeared unsure what to do as the man waved his gun around and demanded money, so he then brandished a knife while trying to hand over a yellow bag for the clerk to fill, according to Fox 26.

That’s when a customer, Cregg Jerri, looked up from his computer and saw what was happening. Wearing a “Bad Mother Shucker” shirt and flip flops, the 58-year-old badass grabbed a chair as he walked over to the robber.

Jerri hit the robber with the metal chair, but the strike appeared ineffective, and resulted in a struggle between the two.

During the struggle, the robber stabbed Jerri in the neck, but little neck-stabbing wasn’t about to stop this coffee house hero. Jerri grabbed the knife from the robber, held him down, and repeatedly stabbed him.

The robber was able to escape Jerri’s grasp, and he took off running. He was found bleeding heavily, claiming to be a carjacking victim. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The suspect will be booked and charged if he survives.

The suspect’s gun was later determined to be a non-functional replica.

As for Cregg Jerri, he’s shrugged off his neck wound and is going to be OK.

Would you ever confront an armed robber? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

  • chuck334

    That is what you call “opening a can of whup a$$” on that slug.

  • Roland Garnett

    Good example of what we all need to do when necessary. We pay people to protect us but they can’t be everywhere. But we are everywhere.

    • Vito365

      “We pay people to protect us but they can’t be everywhere.”

      A basic fact that too many do not understand!

      • drdeputy

        Many of those people only show up in time to take a report. Whatever was going to happen, has already happened. It’s a fact of life. People somehow think ‘police’ is magic.

    • tnbroker1

      It is a well know fact among concealed carry folks that when seconds count the police are minutes away…and sadly for crime victims as well.

    • Jack Boots

      Incorrect. Cops have no duty to protect you. Their entire job is to enforce the law.

  • duder1897

    I hope he dies.

  • Patrick Sky

    Where was the rest of the Starbucks crew..?..they should have been out there wailing on the scumbag too….

    • RichPorardo

      Then, they would be fired.

    • Highest common denominator

      They’re getting paid minimum wage. I’m not risking my life for that.

      • proteus

        …. all about the money …. nothing about honor

        • Highest common denominator

          Because honor = dying at Starbucks.

          If the perp wants the money, give him the money and let cops deal with him. He wasn’t sticking anyone up for their shit personally.

      • Cap

        Oh look, another coward. Forget that the other man could be seriously injured by the POS robber. Don’t get your fingernails dirty to help a fellow human being… SMH

        • Highest common denominator

          He took it upon himself, good for him. But if I was an hourly employee, no way I’m preventing a robbery of the store. That’s what cops are for. Give him the money then call the cops.

    • Paul Dewit

      Remember star bucks only hires Muslims &illegal since Trump won there the last ones to see the police more the the robber

    • Terrence Walsh

      Snowflakes were making lata and video taping…

  • Greg Miller

    We need more heros like this, thank-you sir.

  • John Kaelberer

    Good Job ! Too bad the guy lives in a retarded state like Kalifornia. In Idaho, the guy would have dropped from lead poisoning, but not from me, cause I would not be caught dead or alive in a Starbucks.

    • Just say NO to Libturds

      Tardf*cks is a better name.

    • Old Iron

      California? No plans to ever travel there, I try to avoid states that deny civil rights.

  • Grateful Fred

    HERO!!! Deserves a medal and public acclaim for his courage.

  • Bobby

    Anyone else see the serious blood splatter and the very end?

  • Adrian Freeman

    I conceal carry but I have decided not to confront a robber unless he first hurts someone. I am not going to shoot him or get in a brawl, I may lose, unless it is to save a life. If he hurts no one, let him have the money and let the cops take care of him. If he hurts someone it will be a terrible day for the robber / bad guy.

    • proteus

      Proper move …. use of deadly force only to prevent bodily harm …. let him have the $4.50 from the register …. the cameras will get him and you won’t be arrested.

    • Cap

      I hope it’s not a family member the POS has his gun pointed at when you decide to just let him hurt someone first before taking action. Pointing a gun at someone IS threatening their life, and deadly force is justified to protect that person. Friggin coward..

      • Marlin Johnson

        I agree. Pointing a knife or a gun at someone is already too far. I know it’s only money but I couldn’t live with myself if I just stood by and watched.

  • george orwell

    The suspect was later determined to be a non-functional replica

    • ePoch 270


    • tnbroker1

      Regardless of real or toy, it is considered as a real weapon with real potential to harm when displayed during a criminal event. Would not want to take the time to determine if it is real or a toy if one was pointed at my forehead. I will treat it as real and act according to the situation as it presents.

  • Stuart McHardy

    Knowing libtard corps, like Home Depot, this customer will probably be banned from Starbucks for treating other customers this way and for the damage done to the furnishings in saving them a few bucks. Am sure they’d be doing him a favor, so he could find somewhere else to hang out.

  • Vince

    That was great now why isn’t stuff like this on the news??????????? THEAVES WOULD THINK TWICE OF ROBBING SOMEONE. YOU BS. MSM. MEDIA

    • pM4X

      bc it happened in CA. too much violence to fit their leftist narrative…wait a minute…i live here… 🙁

  • Adam Myers

    I’ve been the victim of 2 armed robberies so far, unfortunately I wasn’t armed with anything (you’re not allowed to defend yourself in Australia), so I had to comply. Fortunately, the boys in blue caught the second one a few weeks later and he’s now in prison.

  • Dan Dupuis

    Yes I would and I would also jump right into a fight between an officer and a suspect, without hesitation, Good job Cregg Jerry

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Yes if you see something like this being done and you can do something then do it. We to day are living in dangerous times.

  • John Degel

    That’s a hero. Wonder if I’d have the same courage.

  • Thomas Shannon

    I appreciate his taking a stand, but unless he is shooting and you believe your life is in danger, let him take Starbuck’s money and be a perfect witness. No sense risking your life unless bullets are flying.

    • Yeldarb

      So wait until after he shoots the Barista. Yep, that makes sense.

    • Cap

      This country is full of cowards like you. The time to take a stand is BEFORE the bullets start flying, like this hero did…

  • igrowl

    Yes sir. Even a female can pick up a chair and do what’s right. I saved a lady from being a road rage victim. Then I cried all the way home thinking “what if …”.

  • M Whitman Jr

    I slammed an armed robber into the coffee machine and chased him out of a local Dunkin Donuts, after he re-entered the store and attempted to steal a second cash box. That was on St. Patrick’s day 2014. He got caught, after I told the police where he ran & what he was wearing. They found him sitting in the back of a gypsy cab with the cash box in his lap. It was his 6th armed robbery, all in the month of March. Turned out his gun was fake, although I never saw it. He copped a plea and received 5 years with 7 years probation. He’s still in prison in Hagerstown, MD. He’s off the streets and I got free coffee & donuts for a year! Win/Win

  • Just say NO to Libturds

    If the perp didn’t have that helmet on that chair might well have ended him at the get go.

  • Old Iron

    I wouldn’t have wanted to go hands on with him but I definitely would have drawn and ordered him to drop those weapons and surrender; bad guy’s next move would determine if my .38 spoke or not.

  • rexell1951

    I just hope the “good state” of Califorincation doesn’t charge the good guy with assault!

  • J T


  • Lorraine

    Interesting how not one Starbucks employee came to the aid of the man saving their lives!!! I wouldn’t have done that for Starbucks since they want to hire 10,000 Muslims and not Veterans. F-Starbucks and their stupid over priced junk ass coffee.

  • pM4X

    did he threw up all that blood at the end of the clip? i guess his intestines are punctured. he won’t survive.

  • Jeff Fuller

    “Armed Citizens Matter”

  • D.Watson

    Great job, but what was that freaky hand that kept appearing in the video?

  • Robert Goff

    Man, he stabbed him up…….. it is difficult to repeatedly stab someone …. not in the norm of the psyche …. one has to be really scared and/or angry….. I do believe the customer was both ….. and even overcame his footwear…….;-)

  • terri monroe

    I wouldn’t have because you won’t ever see me in a Starbucks. But anywhere else the guy would have gotten lead instead of coffee. lol

  • Jerron Snead

    I am a former officer and it is very sad but true that we rarely prevent crime as we CANNOT be everywhere. In Texas we are very fortunate to be able to carry concealed and open. Unfortunately in Texas most Starbucks (like some other chain retailers) around the DFW area prohibit licensed carriers at their stores. So they basically are inviting criminals to “Come on in, take our money. Assault our customers”.
    Sad but true.

  • JP

    Watch, the hero will be stuck with the medical bills after getting sued since “it wasn’t his place to step in.” I’m so glad I left that state. #CALEXIT

  • Max Cichon

    Yeah, I would.

  • patrick christ

    The only reason the customer and others did not get shot is because the robber was not a killer. You can not take on a guy with a gun with a chair and no combat skills. You should not even take on someone with a knife if you have combat skills. This was the wrong move and worked out well by sheer luck.

  • Wayne Mc Cullough

    Wonder why some on the employees didn’t help that guy once he had him down. Hero should get FREE coffee for life. I guess the reason that we have crooks & robbers is because they are so fu****g STUPID

  • Rob Svatora

    What the hell is up with the pansy assed snowflake starbucks employees just standing there watching the guy fight the crimanl who just threatened their lives?? They should have been helping him.

  • siglavy auerga

    Now the taxpayers in California will have to put the punk through college while the state puts foster kids on the street.