VIDEO: Officer Shoots At Apparent Armed Robber – Turns Out To Be Movie Scene

A Crawfordsville Police Department officer fired at what appeared to be an armed robber.

A Crawfordsville Police Department officer fired at what appeared to be an armed robber.

Officer Shoots At Apparent Robber

Crawfordsville, IN – New bodycam video has been released which shows a police officer shooting at what appears to be an armed robber, but turned out to be an actor who was filming a robbery scene for a movie (video below.)

Neither the production company or bar owners where to filming took place bothered to call the police to let them know that they were filming an armed robbery scene.

The incident happened September 26 when a 911 caller reported an armed robbery in progress at Backstep Brewery on North Green Street. The caller reported seeing a man enter the bar while wearing a ski mask and holding a gun.

Officers arrived and saw the man backing out of the door while holding a gun. The film crew was all inside of the bar, and there was no indication that anybody was filming.

“He was the only person that backed out, the only one that came out and he was in a ski mask and holding a weapon. Whether it’s real or not, you don’t know that at the time,” ISP Sgt. Kim Riley told FOX 59.

The officers ordered the man to drop his gun, and instead he turned towards officers while raising the gun.

“When you’re told to do something, the one thing you don’t do is turn towards police while you’re holding a gun,” Sgt. Riley said.

An officer fired a shot, and the man dropped the gun and took off his mask.

“We’re doing a movie,” the actor said.

“Excuse me?” the apparently confused officer responded.

Others on the film crew then came out to straighten out the situation.

Nobody was injured in the shooting.

You can see the shooting video below:

  • Highest common denominator

    Clowns. 2 guys yelling at the same time then shooting when the guy turns to see who is incoherently yelling at him.

    Also i never saw a gun pointed at the police. He turned his body towards them and immediately put his hands up when he understood what two different people yelling shit at him were saying.

    • Penny Prescott

      Cop hater much??

      • Alex Gabriel

        How in the hell does this comment translate to “cop hater” in your brain, Penny…? I wish my world was as simple as yours.

      • Highest common denominator

        Get it right. Bad* cop hater.

        That includes willfully violent or just bad at your job.

    • Laura DePaolis

      What good is being the highest common denominator?

      • Highest common denominator

        Plenty good. Catchy screen name that starts conversation, for one.


      See above. Moron.

      • Highest common denominator

        You see above, dumbfuck.2 guys yelling at you means you’re going to turn around suddenly.

  • Frank

    He fired a shot….where did it go?


      Down tha screets….!

  • jennifer 0.2

    How about the Rape of Anna Chambers by detective.Richard Hall & detective.Eddie Martins.

    A rape in handcuffs, is now consensual according to their supervisor, Sgt. John Espey.

    • Ghost

      Which has what to do with anything in this article?

      • AuteursRevenge

        nice to see you support rape by LEO’s aka pigs.


          Your mother!

        • Ghost

          Nice to see that you’re a raving, foaming at the mouth loon.

    • Fire_and_Steel

      Jennifer, learn the proper use of punctuation and capitalization, and you’ll look less like a moron. You’ll probably still write crap that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but your gibberish will be a little easier to read.

  • Deplorable Charles

    Error on the part of the film crew for not notifying the police.

    • Highest common denominator

      Much larger error on this cop who is bad at his job and shot with no provocation.


        You can’t be that stupid. Can you? the guy pointed a gun at the police. Did you watch the video or are you that much of a cop hating moron? They were completely justified had they hit him with that shot.

        • Fire_and_Steel

          HCD isn’t stupid, he just doesn’t know as much as he thinks he knows. In his view, cops never do anything right, and the guy should have been allowed to shoot first before the cops shot at him.
          It’s really too bad the “Vote down” button doesn’t work here. If HCD’s up-votes from other cop-haters like “AuteursRevenge” could be nullified, maybe he’d go troll someplace else.

          • Highest common denominator

            “the guy was allowed to shoot first”

            You mean the actor with a prop gun?

          • Fire_and_Steel

            I guess they’re supposed to find out whether it is or isn’t a prop by getting shot with it, right?
            You just don’t get it, do you? You’re another Internet Expert who has never been and probably could never be a cop, but knows all about how the job should be done.
            Your purpose in making comments on this site isn’t “calling out” “bad cops,” it’s s***ting on cops in general.

          • Highest common denominator

            You’re right, never been a cop. But i was in the military and plenty of our search and seizure training is derived from existing police policies.

            What’s your source?

          • Fire_and_Steel

            Qualifications poker? Okay, I’ll see your military time, and raise you: Eight years Air Force Security Police, separated (disability) as a Law Enforcement Supervisor. Smith & Wesson Academy 1977, courses up to and including firearms instructor. (Heavy emphasis on the judicious use of deadly force.) Worked as an officer and/or reserve deputy in two other states before moving to where I reside now. Tops in my reserve officer class at my current state’s criminal justice academy. TASER qualified (on my own dime), etc., etc., etc.
            I think my understanding of constitutional law is as good as anyone without a degree can have, and I’ve written policies and procedures that passed state standards, so . . .

          • Highest common denominator

            Great resume. I’d have to imagine some procedures you learned 40 years ago are different now. Seeing as my training happened within the last 10 years or so, I’d say I’m pretty well versed in CURRENT procedure.

            Besides all of the training you’ve done, it’s incredible to me that you think this procedure is justified. I mean, even a “rookie” like me sees how this could have been done much, much better.

          • Fire_and_Steel

            “Imagine” all you like. Some things have changed since I first got into the field, but one thing hasn’t changed: You’re not required to wait for the other guy to fire a shot before you fire, despite what the ACLU and other thug-huggers might want.
            And I’m not relying solely on my past training; I still keep up-to-date on policies, procedures, and constitutional law. Your “military search and seizure training” means little or nothing in a civilian law enforcement context, past ten years or not.
            Could things have been done differently there? Maybe, but it’s not my call to make, and it’s not yours, either.

          • Highest common denominator

            Ha, nope. They fucked up.

          • Fire_and_Steel

            And if you’re ex-military, you’ve probably heard the old saying about opinions being like a certain lower posterior portion of the human anatomy: “Everyone’s got one, and they all stink.”

        • Highest common denominator

          He didnt. He turned because they didn’t decide who was issuing commands. That’s 101,knowing your role.

          And i know you people like to hear and think what you like, but i hate bad cops.


      Absolutely and their lucky that their actor is not dead…..!


    LOL….Good thing for the actor that the Police was a bad shot….☺..!

  • Whoelse Plouffe

    bad shot by cops. they need to go back and take a shooting course. lucky that guy wasnt killed. idiots dont tell law enforcement they are shooting for a movie!

  • Lisa Carlson

    Bigger question is: Most towns require a permit/LEO notification of such activity – did this happen? If so the LEO should have known it was a movie. Even if not required, they should have notified local PD. If they did not, then some the blame is on them for creating this circumstance.