VIDEO: Man Launches Crowbar Attack On Moving Tow Truck That’s Repossessing His Car

A Compton man attacked a repo-truck taking his car.

A Compton man attacked a repo-truck taking his car.

Video Of Crowbar Attack On Repo Tow Truck

Compton, CA – When a tow truck driver tried to repossess a man’s car on Monday, the man jumped up on the vehicle and launched a crowbar attack. The attack was captured on video (video below.)

The incident happened in the 17600 block of South Santa Fe Avenue at around 10 AM Monday according to KTLA.

A repo-man hooked up a vehicle for repossession when the vehicle’s registered owner saw him. The owner started yelling at the driver, who identified himself as a repo-man, but the owner became more agitated.

With the owner getting very aggressive the repo-man tried to drive off. The owner wasn’t about to let him get away without a fight though. The man jumped up on the back of the moving tow truck and started beating it with a crowbar.

He shattered out the rear window of the tow truck as it drove down the road at a high rate of speed, with the towed car throwing sparks the whole way.

An almost Hollywood-style chase went on as the tow truck and trailing vehicle ran stop signs.

At one point, the towed car then began to whip into the oncoming lane of traffic, and the trailing car drove in the oncoming lane of traffic.

LA County Sheriff’s Department stopped the vehicle and interviewed both people involved before releasing them. The case will be reviewed by the prosecutor and charges of vandalism are likely.

The specific reason that the suspect wasn’t arrested on scene hasn’t been released, but it’s common to refer charges to the prosecutor before an arrest.

You can see the video of the crowbar attack below: