VIDEO: Charlottesville Mob Swarms In, Punches ‘Unite The Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler

Jason Kessler was punched in the face on Sunday after speaking about Saturday's event.

Jason Kessler was punched in the face on Sunday after speaking about Saturday’s event.

VIDEO: Jason Kessler Punched In The Face

Charlottesville, VA – The white nationalist organizer of Saturday’s fatal Unite The Right rally spoke on Sunday blaming police for the violence on Saturday.

During his speech, he was shouted down by the crowd who swarmed him and punched him in the face as outnumbered officers worked to to remove him from the area (video below.)

The Anti-Defamation League describes Kessler as “an alt right activist and white supremacist who claims that a “white genocide” is underway in the United States. Kessler is the president of Unity and Security for America and is a contributor to the racist website”

“At a May 2017 pro-Confederate rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Kessler reportedly praised racist groups and a Holocaust denier, and was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct. At June’s Free Speech Rally in D.C., he told the crowd that America would be better off if the South had won the Civil War, and advanced conspiracy theories about Jews controlling Hollywood and the media and promoting ‘filthy propaganda.'”

Kessler worked on organizing the Unite The Right white nationalist rally, which thinly disguised itself as a right-wing rally against removing a Robert E. Lee statue. In reality, the event was focused more on the marginalization and perceived war on white people, and was attended largely by white nationalist and white supremacist groups.

Jason Kessler’s speech on Sunday was drowned out by screaming protesters.

Eventually the crowd moved forward and started taking swings at Kessler, at least one punch connected and Kessler get hit in the face.

The same police offiers that Kessler had just been criticizing then had to tackle more people who were going after the hatemonger as they escorted him out of the area.

You can see the assault below. The face shot is right at the start of the video and largely obscured by the crowd: