VIDEO: Cop Uses Pistol to Save Partner, End A Gunfight With A Single 75 Foot Shot

District Attorney Andrew Murray released a report saying that the shooting of Iaroslav Mosiiuk was justified.

District Attorney Andrew Murray released a report saying that the shooting of Iaroslav Mosiiuk was justified.

Bodycam Video Shows Charlotte-Mecklenburg Save His Partner With Well-Placed Shot

Charlotte, NC – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Brian Walsh used his pistol against a rifle-wielding suspect from around 75 feet away and ended the gunfight with a single shot. Bodycam video of the shooting was released after the DA announced on Thursday that the shooting was justified.

The incident initially occurred on March 8, when Iaroslav Mosiiuk’s sister called 911 saying that her brother had threatened to kill himself and had her fiance’s gun.

Officer Mike Dezenso and Brian Walsh arrived and knocked on the door to speak with the 25-year-old. That’s when he came to the front door with a rifle in-hand.

The officers retreated to different positions of cover while Officer Dezenso yelled, “Gun, gun, gun.” Mosiiuk pursued the officers to the end of his driveway and lifted his rifle to shoot at Officer Dezenso. That’s when Officer Brian Walsh fired a singled well-placed shot from approximately 75 feet away to take take the man down and save his partner.

Mosiiuk was his mid-back and was transported to the hospital where he died of his gunshot wound.

Police say that they had no prior run-ins with the man, and the incident appeared to be caused by a mental health episode.

The investigators determined that Iaroslav Mosiiuk’s rifle was loaded, but inoperable because the bolt was missing.

According to Charlotte Observer, the family’s lawyer said, “We’d like everyone to keep in mind that at the end of the day this was a mental health call, and if this is the way that mental health calls are handled, people will be afraid to call the police.”

“Mike Dezenso was very eager for the video being released so it could be shown what Officer Walsh did for him,” Officer Dezenso’s attorney said.

The DA concluded, “While the death of Iaroslav Mosiiuk is certainly a tragedy, it is not a crime. Officer Walsh was dealing with a mentally ill subject pointing a rifle at him, his partner and nearby civilians. The officer’s decision to fire his weapon is justified under the law of self-defense.”

You can see the video of the shot here. The shot occurs around 1:27 in. WARNING – Graphic Content: