VIDEO: Victim Catches Thief Who Stole His Wallet, Publicly Shames Him As They Wait For Cops

Cee Da-Prophet recovered his wallet from a thief after publicly shaming him.

Cee Da-Prophet recovered his wallet from a thief after publicly shaming him.

Cee Da-Prophet Records, Publicly Shames Thief

Brooklyn, NY – A victim who caught a thief stealing his wallet had a unique form of punishment while he waited for police to arrive: he publicly shamed the man, taking selfies with the thief, and recorded himself calling the thief out.

The incident occurred on an uptown B train as the victim was on his way to work, according to The New York Post.  The victim, who goes by the name Cee-Da-Prophet, said that he accidentally dropped his wallet, and as he was reaching down to pick it up, the thief, who was not identified, reached underneath him and grabbed it.

The victim said that the suspect got off the train at the 7th Avenue station just as the doors were closing.  Cee-Da-Prophet later told reporters with The New York Post that he was thinking to himself “I was like, ‘That’s not happening to me today. I got stuff to do.”  So he rode the train to the next station, got off, and got right back on a train going back to the 7th Avenue station.

He said it was about 15 minutes later when he got back to the station, and saw the thief standing over by a trash can.  Cee-Da-Prophet said he grabbed the thief and started cursing him.  He said that he asked the suspect to empty his pockets, but he refused, and said he didn’t have his wallet.

Then, holding the thief by his side, the victim publicly shamed the thief, and told the gathering crowd,  “Yo, I’m here. This dude stole my wallet on the train, look at him good, You see that face…That look like a man who steals wallets. Yea, that’s him. I got him.”  The alleged thief continued to deny that he has the victim’s wallet.

Cee-Da-Prophet told the suspect, “Empty your pockets and I’ll let you go, This is about to be a scene…Where’s my s–t, bro?! Look at the camera and tell them where my s–t is! You’re about to get arrested, bro. Look at all these people here. We making a scene today. Cause this is crazy.”

The victim, much to the thief’s dismay, started taking selfies of them, and asked bystanders to use his phone and take some pictures of them, which they did.  The thief finally asked for his Metro card, so he could go home.  The request was denied by the victim.

The police arrived, and the thief was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property. The victim’s wallet was recovered.

You can see the videos of their time together below. WARNING – Language:

  • TheOldGuy

    We need a guy like that on every street corner in urban America.

  • joe

    He is lucky that dude didn’t whoop his azz.. Mad props to him for doing the right thing tho..

  • joe

    These are the people Obama let in to our country, I hope he gets deported back to his crap hole.

  • Mr. Jay

    The man has style! And good judgement. We need more people like him. I am not referring to the wallet thief.

  • Bobdole10

    An American Hero. Makes this middle aged white man proud.

  • Enchanted1

    Muzzie refugee losers, ship him back.

  • Paul Drinkawater

    Love it!

  • Robert Walters

    Great job, he couldn’t have done a better job at shaming this most likely illegal bastard from Africa or so he says. We should pay this Hero to do this everyday. Thank you.
    I’m sure some Liberal Joe or Judge will release him to steal again. Call ICE time to deport this thief.

  • Peekin-In

    Cee-Da-Prophet………….. Odd name to give a child……..