VIDEO: Bodycam Footage Of Christmas Gunfight With Killer, James Tylka, Who Shot Trooper Nic Cederberg

Officers moved located and took out the killer James Tylka after he shot at them.

Officers moved located and took out the killer James Tylka after he shot at them.

Video Of Gunfight With James Tylka On Christmas Day

Washington County, OR – Bodycam footage of a police gunfight with James Tylka, 30, has been released following the news that the shooting was ruled to be justified.

On Christmas Day 2016, James Tylka’s estranged wife, Katelynn Tylka-Armand, was dropping their 11-month-old child off at the house where James lived with his parents. As Katelynn was leaving, James shot her eight times, killing her.

James Tylka then called police and Oregon State Police Trooper Nic Cederberg responded. When Trooper Cederberg arrived, Tylka ambushed him and shot him 12 times.

Officers from nearby agencies responded and found Trooper Cederberg, critically injured, lying on the ground next to his patrol car with his pistol missing.

Hero officers Stanley Smith, Christopher Smith and Joseph Twigg of Sherwood police, Eli Sanders of Tualatin police, and Anthony Christofaro of Hillsboro police gathered up and went hunting for the killer. The moment was captured on bodycam video:

As officers approached the scene, James Tylka opened fire on them with Trooper Nic Cederberg’s pistol. Officers responded by throwing 40 rounds at Tylka, hitting him 21 times. James Tylka died from acute lead poisoning.

Trooper Nic Cederberg survived his extensive injuries, and was recently returned home to continue his recovery. His wife released a statement saying, “Nic said one of the most comforting things when he was laying there was hearing their voices come up with a plan, executing it without hesitation, and then tending to his wounds exactly as they had been trained. Not one second of hesitation from these guys, and their knowledge of first aid and wound packing is what ultimately saved his life.”

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