WATCH: Bodycam Footage Of Alamogordo Officer Clint Corvinus’s Murder By Joseph Moreno Released

Joseph Moreno (left) killed Alamogordo Officer Clint Corvinus, then Regina Moreno (right) blamed the hero's murder on hero Officer Christopher Welch.

Joseph Moreno (left) killed Alamogordo Officer Clint Corvinus, then Regina Moreno (right) blamed the hero’s murder on hero Officer Christopher Welch.

Video: Joseph Moreno And Alamogordo Officer Clint Corvinus Killed In Gunfight

Alamogordo, New Mexico – Professional dirtbag Joseph Moreno murdered hero Alamogordo Police Officer Clint Corvinus in September 2016, and now the bodycam footage from that incident has been released.

Officer Clint Corvinus and trainee Officer Christopher Welch were on patrol when they spotted Joseph Moreno on foot. Moreno was wanted on several warrants and he ran from the stop. A short foot chase ensued before Moreno pulled out a gun and a gunfight ensues. Police Officer Clint Corvinus was murdered by Moreno, and Officer Welch was able to finally take Moreno out with a well-placed shot to the head.

Bodycamera footage has finally been released from the perspective of Officer Christopher Welch.

You can see the body camera footage here. Warning – Graphic content:

After the justifiably-dead thug was killed, Joseph Moreno’s sister started a GoFundMe account to cash in on her brother’s death. While begging for money, she claimed that Officer Clint Corvinus was actually shot by Officer Christopher Welch. Regina Moreno contacted news outlets and convinced some of them to change their story from the fact that her murderous thug of a brother killed Officer Corvinus, to more ambiguous language.

Regina Moreno’s conspiracy theory about the trainee officer killing Officer Clint Corvinus might have gained more traction, if not for the overwhelming evidence against him. It was revealed that Officer Welch was standing between Moreno and Officer Corvinus.

Lies spread by Regina Moreno even contributed to Joseph Moreno’s gang making threats to kill police officers.

A stolen .357 magnum was recovered from Joseph Moreno’s body. Moreno’s criminal history includes armed robbery, aggravated burglary, multiple counts of possession of a controlled substance, multiple counts of possession of a firearm by felon, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

I, for one, have no sympathy for Joseph Moreno or his scumbag of a sister. Officer Welch put Joseph Moreno in the ground where he belongs, and his bodycam footage proves that Regina Moreno endangered the lives of officers through her lies. Officer Christopher Welch is a hero, and Regina Moreno had no right to claim that he killed his trainer.

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