WATCH: Alton Sterling Protesters Break Through Police Barricade, Are Met With Taser Deployments

Baton Rouge Police Department tasered New Black Panther Party members after they broke through a police barricade.

Baton Rouge Police Department tasered New Black Panther Party members after they broke through a police barricade.

VIDEO: Baton Rouge Police Tasered Protesters Who Broke Through Barricade

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Baton Rouge Police Department arrested seven New Black Panther Party members on Wednesday after they broke through the police barricade at the Baton Rouge Police Department headquarters. During their arrest, video shows them being tasered (video below.)

The New Black Panther Party, which has been a designated hate group by the SPLC, arranged a protest on Wednesday for the 1-year anniversary of the Alton Sterling shooting.

The news media has been reporting that the protesters were tasered after they just refused to leave, implying that’s the only reason that force was used against them. Even though media stations like WAFB had reporters on scene who witnessed what happened, they failed to report that the use of force was prompted by the New Black Panther Party breaking through a police barricade.

Police on scene did issue a dispersal order for the unpermitted march, and the group responded by trying to break through the police barricade.

Officers responded with tasers and rubber bullets, taking the group down.

During the scuffle, one officer was accidentally tasered. It’s not clear at this time if another officer tasered him or he hit himself.

In total, four men and three women were arrested for entering and remaining after forbidden and resisting an officer.

At the time of the incident, the New Black Panther Party was protesting the shooting of Alton Sterling on year ago.

The Alton Sterling shooting happened July 5th, 2016 at 12:35 AM, when officers were called to the Triple S Food Mart after a man called police to report that Sterling had threatened him with a gun. When the officers confronted Sterling, he refused to cooperate and was tasered. The Taser didn’t work and so one officer tackled Sterling next to a car.

As the officers were on the ground with Sterling, one officer pinned Alton Sterling’s left arm under his knee. However, Sterling’s right arm was under the bumper of the nearby car. The officer on Sterling’s right side was unable to gain control of Sterling’s arm because the car was blocking the officer while Sterling was fighting back.

The officer fighting for Sterling’s right arm yelled, “He’s got a gun! Gun!”

The other officer told Sterling, “Hey bro, if you fucking move, I swear to God,” while the officer held a gun to Sterling’s chest.

Then the officer on Sterling’s right yelled, “Lake, he’s going for the gun!” Gunshots were heard and the shooting video panned away as more shots went off.

Witness, store owner, and self-professed friend of Alton Sterling said that officers then pulled a gun from Sterling’s right pocket.

A DOJ investigation determined that there was not probable cause to charge the officers for shooting Alton Sterling. The case is now being investigated by state investigators in what appears to be a politically motivated attempt to prosecute the officers.

You can see the video of the New Black Panther Party protesters getting taken down below:

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    Haha idiots the democrats have abandoned you

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    Obama ain’t here to sic the DOJ on cops doing their jobs anymore idiots, your days of flaunting the law and law enforcement are OVER!!

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      Yet under your boys Trump and Sessions more LEOs are being killed.

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        because your boy Obama and his DOJ started the whole hate cops agenda.

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          Stop lying . The numbers don’t back up your false assertion.

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            What numbers? Do you even know what this conversation is about?

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          It’s the media and their click bait. Obama had nothing to do with it.

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            Notice how “pro police ” people are now saying cop killing shouldn’t be linked to a president ? ,now that we have white president. Even though under this current white president LEO deaths are rising.

          • Steven Smith

            How can you claim that this isn’t related to Obama?

            How many instances did Obama invite BLM “leaders” to the White House? How many times did he send delegations to the funerals of black criminals who died (at the hands of officers using LAWFUL and reasonable responses of force)? Conversely, how many times did Obama send delegations to show respect to officers killed in the line of duty?

            And then you try and claim that people should blame Trump for this? When Trump took time out of campaigning to personally attend the funerals of slain officers? When he has personally called the families of slain officers to offer condolences? When he has sent delegations to several funerals of officers killed in the line of duty?

            This behaviour was flat-out supported by Obama and his administration, who would frequently claim that ‘policing has to change’ and ‘we need better police’ and ‘police need more accountability’, and yet when a downright felon like Mike Brown tries to MURDER an officer (extrapolating: Grabbing for an officer’s gun, beating an officer’s face black-and-blue, and then rushing his 300lbs frame to tackle said officer…. I’m gonna hazard a guess that he wasn’t trying to win a tickling-contest….) and gets shot for his troubles, he is heralded as a martyr and hero by Obama and his cronies. Cities burned in “protests”, and Obama gave it the okay (or, at the very least on some rare occasions, he gave a verbal “you shouldn’t do that” to chide folks).

            Obama divided the country worse than anything we’ve seen in a generation, and the worst part is was that it had NOTHING to do with the colour of his own skin, but by the content of his character!

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            I enjoy your commentary on ESPN.

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            You hit the nail on the head. Well said. Some people do not want to hear the facts.

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            Well said Steve thanks for stating the truth brother!

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          Look at Ferguson. The mayor told the police to back off and let them have their riots. Cops just stood there and watched.

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            I am sure the great divider (obama) told them not to come down to hard on the youth/ thugs that are just spreading their wings.

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            That was Baltimore, not Ferguson.

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          Go to my 1st post.

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        A correct interpretation of the numbers FEWER LEO deaths by firearms since Trump was sworn into office. Just a bit of misdirection by you. FYI, most of the deaths, while duty related, are NOT firearm related.

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        So, you don’t like Trump. Okay. People didn’t like Bush and blamed him for Clinton’s failures. Nothing more than a lack of intelligence. Get it?

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        Get real, Obama sparked the madness.

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    They’ll all take settlements in lieu of use of force lawsuits.

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      In this town they won’t get a dime. Their savage behavior was well documented.

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    People get amazingly screamy and scared once they actually receive consequences for their actions. Too many feel invincible because they have gotten away with doing things and avoiding consequence.

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    bring on the dogs and fire hoses

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    Any kind of violence comitted during a protest should result in an automatic 20 year jail sentence. Period. These assholes need to be put away.

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    They got exactly what they ask for. Do not listen to police commands and you got problems. They should all get one year in jail.

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    In the other hand, Black Louisiana cop Derrick Stafford gets 55 yrs for killing a white boy and wounding his criminal dad.

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      More to the story moron, but I digress. Your liberal bias and sheep like behavior are further proof of your in bred stupidity. .

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    The savages got taken down and treated like the new black panther savages they were acting like. Great job Officers.

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    Try as I might, I DO NOT understand what you guys want? its sure’s hell not law and order.
    You get a jury (bi-racial) and still you want more justice. This is how America justice system works.
    What don’t you get about that??
    You OBEY cops orders or you may well get shot.
    WTH?? start doing what you’re told if your being arrested.
    You might even want to start acting like human beings BEFORE you engage the cops….
    There’s a unique idea.
    What you really are is lawless thugs with NO parental guidance.
    And the former President allowed you to get away with it.
    Even promoted it.
    You end up dead and then your mamas’ stand with their tissues and their hands out.
    I wonder if they even knew who you were…

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    The feel good video of the summer !!!

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    Piss off police get special prizes.

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      Now your comment shows you’ve not a clue.
      You said Klan held a rally which would indicate it was permitted.
      This was not permitted and they assaulted LE
      Not understanding the difference could get you jailed, possibly hurt.

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    What gets me is that no man was ever shot putting their hands on their head and getting on the ground. In fact, I have been caught (when I lived in DC) under ‘suspicious’ circumstances several times even though I had nothing to do with the events in question. If you are polite, cooperative, and sober when you speak to the cops, They will always leave you alone and not get violent with you.

    Of course, you should always keep your mouth shut about anything other than your name and what you are doing… but even ex-cops recommend keeping your mouth shut. Talkative types tend to attract too much prosecutor interest, even if they are innocent.

    In most cases, you don’t even need a lawyer.

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    Can anything happen in this country without a bunch of hysterical loud women screaming at the top of their lungs?
    They sound like the chimps at the San Francisco Zoo used to, when two chimps would get in a fight, and the rest would run around the enclosure the screaming.

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