WATCH: Alton Sterling Protesters Break Through Police Barricade, Are Met With Taser Deployments

Baton Rouge Police Department tasered New Black Panther Party members after they broke through a police barricade.

Baton Rouge Police Department tasered New Black Panther Party members after they broke through a police barricade.

VIDEO: Baton Rouge Police Tasered Protesters Who Broke Through Barricade

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Baton Rouge Police Department arrested seven New Black Panther Party members on Wednesday after they broke through the police barricade at the Baton Rouge Police Department headquarters. During their arrest, video shows them being tasered (video below.)

The New Black Panther Party, which has been a designated hate group by the SPLC, arranged a protest on Wednesday for the 1-year anniversary of the Alton Sterling shooting.

The news media has been reporting that the protesters were tasered after they just refused to leave, implying that’s the only reason that force was used against them. Even though media stations like WAFB had reporters on scene who witnessed what happened, they failed to report that the use of force was prompted by the New Black Panther Party breaking through a police barricade.

Police on scene did issue a dispersal order for the unpermitted march, and the group responded by trying to break through the police barricade.

Officers responded with tasers and rubber bullets, taking the group down.

During the scuffle, one officer was accidentally tasered. It’s not clear at this time if another officer tasered him or he hit himself.

In total, four men and three women were arrested for entering and remaining after forbidden and resisting an officer.

At the time of the incident, the New Black Panther Party was protesting the shooting of Alton Sterling on year ago.

The Alton Sterling shooting happened July 5th, 2016 at 12:35 AM, when officers were called to the Triple S Food Mart after a man called police to report that Sterling had threatened him with a gun. When the officers confronted Sterling, he refused to cooperate and was tasered. The Taser didn’t work and so one officer tackled Sterling next to a car.

As the officers were on the ground with Sterling, one officer pinned Alton Sterling’s left arm under his knee. However, Sterling’s right arm was under the bumper of the nearby car. The officer on Sterling’s right side was unable to gain control of Sterling’s arm because the car was blocking the officer while Sterling was fighting back.

The officer fighting for Sterling’s right arm yelled, “He’s got a gun! Gun!”

The other officer told Sterling, “Hey bro, if you fucking move, I swear to God,” while the officer held a gun to Sterling’s chest.

Then the officer on Sterling’s right yelled, “Lake, he’s going for the gun!” Gunshots were heard and the shooting video panned away as more shots went off.

Witness, store owner, and self-professed friend of Alton Sterling said that officers then pulled a gun from Sterling’s right pocket.

A DOJ investigation determined that there was not probable cause to charge the officers for shooting Alton Sterling. The case is now being investigated by state investigators in what appears to be a politically motivated attempt to prosecute the officers.

You can see the video of the New Black Panther Party protesters getting taken down below: