VIDEO: ACLU Accuses Police Of ‘Ramming A Police Car Into A Crowd’ – Video Shows The Truth

St. Louis police are accused by the ACLU of ramming into a crowd of protesters.

St. Louis police are accused by the ACLU of ramming into a crowd of protesters.

ACLU Falsely Claims St. Louis Police Rammed Protesters

St. Louis, MO – The ACLU is accusing St. Louis area law enforcement of unlawfully detaining and arresting people, excessive force, unconstitutionally breaking up peaceful assembly, and “ramming a police car into a crowd,” during the St. Louis riots.

However, the facts of the circumstances and video tell a different story (video below.)

On Sunday night at around 7 PM, St. Louis Police Department stopped a vehicle occupied by two armed fugitives at 29th at Locust.

The driver was wanted for Assault 1st, and the passenger was wanted for Making a Terrorist Threat. The suspects were armed with three firearms.

While the officers were arresting the suspects, a third suspect came over from a nearby protest and began throwing rocks at the arresting officers.

Another officer arrived in an unmarked Impala, and detained the rock thrower in the back of his patrol car. The nearby protesters saw the scene and started to swarm in towards the officers, yelling at them.

With the officers getting surrounded by hostile protesters, they were unable to drive away from the crowd because of a road closure ahead.

The officer in the Impala then reversed down the street as protesters moved out of the way well ahead of the car; they then chased after the officer and tried to kick the car.

Nobody was struck by the patrol car or injured during the incident.

While the ACLU has been given this facts, they have released the following statement:

“However, from eyewitness and filmed accounts, we continue to see the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department engage in unacceptable, unlawful and unconstitutional behavior.

“Several videos from Sunday night show a police officer ramming a police car into a crowd.

“This was not only dangerous, it was criminal. We ask that Mayor Lyda Krewson identify this officer and immediately remove him from active duty until there is a complete investigation.

“Police also unlawfully detained and arrested people, used excessive force and unconstitutionally broke up a peaceful assembly of people.”

This isn’t the first time recently that the ACLU has lied about law enforcement.

In May, the ACLU told people that police in Bridgeport, Connecticut shot a black teen while he was “driving a car.” They failed to mention that he was driving a stolen car over a police officer at the time he was shot.

Prior to the presidential inauguration, the ACLU announced to all media outlets that DC police would not have their body cameras on during inauguration day demonstrations because it was illegal for them to record during protests. That claim was entirely untrue, and officers were told to record with their body cameras during the event.

More recently, the ACLU has been tweeting with the hashtag #BulliesInBlue with any mention of school resource officers. They’ve also been applying the hashtag to other irrelevant mentions of law enforcement, including claiming that police would be bringing weapons of war into our schools.

You can see video of the incident below. The unmarked car drive in at about the one minute mark.

  • mark white

    The police should be able to run these stool samples over.

    • Tonya Parnell

      Looks like rats coming out of a sewer, why aren’t they working?

  • chuck334

    M1A1 would have done a more complete and thorough job.

  • LEO

    If you don’t want to get run over stay off the sidewalk.

  • Betts700

    The ACLU doesn’t always the truth! The police were not “ramming a car into a crowd”. No one was hurt. I changed this so you won’t be confused. Excuse my choice of words!

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        You get the idea!

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          I wasn’t dogging on you. Please don’t take my comment the wrong way.

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    • liarsingovt

      This is NOT stretching anything….This is an outright LIE and should be treated as such

  • Vic

    the police drove off … should have opened fire on the terrorist thugs, use wate cannons and clear the streets. now everytime they do not like something they will take to the streets and the destruction will get worse and worse.

  • Greg Miller

    Notice how the crowd was moving towards the incident, a normal person moves away.


    Sounds like a good idea to me…Good way to clear the screets…..I think more Departments should adopt that policy……I know it worked real good in the 70’s…….!

  • Roger Culver

    So the ones that are committing unlawful, unacceptable and unconstitutional behavior are saying the cops are doing this to them? Sounds like Nazi propaganda. Tell a lie, make it a big lie and keep telling it until everyone believes it.

  • John Chiurato

    The ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center would probably burst into flames if they ever told the truth!

  • jacob

    the police drove off … should have opened fire on the terrorist thugs, use wate cannons and clear the streets. now everytime they do not like something they will take to the streets and the destruction will get worse and worse.

  • Carrie Hoover

    These azzhats just keep trying to shovel up s$#t, and the truth just keeps shooting them down. Thank the Lord for cameras!!!

  • Larry Patterson

    There used to be consequences for False Accusations in this country. The ACLU and any other ‘Union’ or organization should be held liable for slander, especially when it concerns public safety.

  • Wolfhoundcop

    I applaud the one guy in the Orange T-Shirt that walked away from the rest. Loved the guy looking into the street cam.
    Seems the ACLU only has a big mouth when it’s the police and not protesters. But of coarse they are all “little darlings”.

  • Steve Adams

    The aclu once again is stirring hate and unrest. They need to sit down and shut up until they have something honest and valid to say !

  • Steve Adams

    Maybe time to start sending a snow plow to clear the streets of the scum so the police can drive down the streets to do their job? Even those thuggish idiots should be smart enough to get off the street with a snow plow bearing down on them – or not – bump, crunch, thump, thump…..

    • 4True

      if they would only use a snowplow in NYC on the Muslims commandeering public streets in a show of prayer (contempt) during rush hours.

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    ACLU=American Criminals Love UM….

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    Keep there back sides out of the strreets and they would not have to worry about it!!!!!

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    Looked like all was quiet until a black male with dreadlocks in a gray t-shirt and black shorts ran out of the lower right frame and then back in a short time later, leading a bunch of other people. In other words, someone tried to manufacture an incident.

    • 4True

      I desperate need of tear gas or tazer.

  • 4True

    ACLU makes their money and power with threats of lawsuits. Lob their own weapons against them – suing them for slander, false accusation, endangering officers, interfering with arrests, conspiring with terrorists, and anything else you can come up with. Keep it up until they are bankrupt. ACLU are not in favor of free speech–only leftists speech, with few exception. I consider them legal terrorists