VIDEO: 4-Year-Old Opens Back Door Of Bus, Falls Into Highway, Bus Keeps Going

A young girl fell out of the back of a bus on Highway 65.

A young girl fell out of the back of a bus on Highway 65.

VIDEO: Young Girl Falls Out Of Bus

Harrison, Arkansas – Video of a 4-year-old falling out of the back of a bus was captured by a dash camera.

On Friday, volunteer firefighter and EMT, Ryan Ciampoli, was driving down Highway 65 in Harrison when his dash camera captured the dramatic footage.

A 4-year-old girl managed to unlock the door to the back of the bus that she was on. The door opened while the bus was still driving down the highway, and the little girl was flung into the road. After the girl fell out, the bus kept on driving. It’s not clear why the bus driver and everybody else on-board failed to notice the girl getting thrown into the roadway.

Luckily, Ryan Ciampoli was right behind the bus and was able to stop and carry the girl out of the road.

“The shock kicked in her little body and she started kicking and screaming,” Ciampoli told KHBS. “Stuff like that is really heartbreaking.”

Paramedics were called and arrived within five minutes to transport the girl to the hospital. She will need surgery for a broken jaw, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Personal dash cameras are extremely affordable, because they don’t require the massive amount of storage, file management, and external audio recording of police dash cameras. They assume that the user will only save recordings when they are involved in a collision or some other incident happens, so they don’t need to be built to hold a massive amount of video. They have been rapidly growing in popularity, resulting in a lot of new shocking dash camera footage.

You can see the video of the incident below.

  • DK

    I must have thought wrong that those doors have alarms on them??!! All the buses I ever rode as a child had alarms. Has that changed over the years? Glad she’s ok and wonder why the driver was not aware she fell out!

  • Lisa Allen Vinson

    Great that the 2nd driver was able to stop in time. My question is: Should he have moved her before paramedics arrived?

    • stxpx

      I was wondering the same thing; she sure had mechanism-of-injury for spinal trauma. He was probably concerned that, without any immediate way to safely stop traffic and block the median, it was more important to get her out of the travel lanes.