Veronica Aguilar Killed Her 11-Year-Old Son – Stuffed Him In The Closet

Veronica Aguilar

Veronica Aguilar starved her son to death.

Veronica Aguilar Killed Her 11-Year-Old Son – Stuffed Him In The Closet

Veronica Aguilar killed her 11-year-old son and stuffed him in the closet wrapped in a blanket. His name was Yonatan Daniel Aguilar. LAPD officers say that this was one of the worst cases of child neglect they had seen in a long time. He was found by his stepfather, Jose Pinzon, who called police.

“In my 25 years of investigating crime scenes, this ranks as one of the worst I’ve seen,” Detective Moses Castillo said. “The young child like this and the amount of trauma he endured. Just to witness the child’s condition was horrible, images that I will never forget. He did have obvious signs of trauma throughout his body and appeared to be very malnourished. No child ever deserves to live or die in this manner.

Detective Castillo went on to say that Yonatan’s body was so small, that it appeared as though he was no older than six.

Shockingly, the LAPD stated that there were three reports to the LA County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) regarding Yonatan. Three reports to the DCFS, and yet, he still died. Questions have been raised about the DCFS’s response to Yonatan’s situation. This is not far off from most child and family service departments throughout the nation. Many of them lack funding and training to do their jobs. As police, we come into contact with many cases like this, and we are often disappointed with the results.

The LAPD stated that this was just one of many cases of children dying after DCFS received reports of concern.

The fact that Veronica Aguilar lives with her husband, and he did not call police until he found Yonatan’s dead body, is beyond disturbing. He should be charged as well for colluding with his wife in the abuse of the child.