Two Georgia Officers Shot

Two officers were shot in Peach County, Georgia

Two officers were shot in Peach County, Georgia

Two Officers Shot in Peach County Georgia

Byron, Georgia – Two police officers have been shot during a drug-house raid Monday morning at a Peach County home.

Officers responded to the residence for the raid at around 2:15 AM off of highway 42 in Byron. The officers knocked and announced, and when there was no answer they entered the residence and the suspect opened fire on them. The officer returned fire, killing the suspect.

Two officers were hit by the suspect’s gunfire. Both officers were rushed to the hospital. One of the officers reportedly has non-life-threatening injuries, and the other officer is in surgery and his condition is unknown.

This attack comes after a hero was just murdered in the area last month. Peach County Sheriff’s Deputy Patrick Sondron was killed in an ambush attack when he was shot along with Deputy Daryl Smallwood.

This area has had enough tragedy for a lifetime, and our thoughts and prayers are with the injured officers, and the other law enforcement officers in this area.

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