Tuesday Night Election Riot Leaves One Critically Injured

Groups of rioting broke out in Oakland after Donald Trump won the election.

Groups of rioting broke out in Oakland after Donald Trump won the election.

Tuesday Night Election Riot Leaves One Critically Injured

After it became clear that Donald Trump was going to win the U.S. presidential election, a lot of people were relieved that they finally had an excuse to have a riot. Black Lives Matter supporters repeatedly called for bringing rioting to white neighborhoods. Most of the protests throughout the night throughout the country were reportedly tame, but rioting briefly broke out in Oakland, California.

Across the U.S., groups of people got together in what started as a mostly calm walks around cities chanting about their distaste for Donald Trump. After walking around in the roadway for hours, at least one mob finally decided that it was about time to start destroying stuff.

In Oakland, the group started gathering multiple piles trash in the roadway and setting them on fire. At least two cars were reported to have been set on fire and windows were smashed on multiple vehicles and buildings.

The group finally took to standing in the middle of Highway 24, and that’s when one of the protesters was hit by a car. We’ve learned from prior Black Lives Matter incidents that standing in the roadway at night is a good way to get yourself run over, but this group didn’t appear to be aware of that fact.

The 20-year-old woman was with a group of around 200 protesters when she stepped in the roadway and was struck by a Honda Element. The driver of the Honda did not see the woman in the roadway and did not intentionally cause a collision. CHP responded and removed the mob from the area so that they could investigate the collision. The woman’s injuries are reportedly severe.

Do you think that the rioter should be criminally charged for causing the collision? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

  • Curtnik

    I’m really interested in seeing how Trump will deal with this. What about you guys?

    • Someone I used to Know

      Why does Trump have to deal with it? It’s Obama’s mess right now.

      • Curtnik

        And he’ll do what?

        Didn’t think so.

        • Jim Beam

          Nothing. He’ll do absolutely nothing like he has always done. He only speaks when it fits his political agenda so don’t hold your breath waiting for anything to change.

    • Patsy R

      well, since he doesn’t take office until JANUARY, this is not his issue. all this is a current administration issue. and like always, he will do nothing to curb the violence. while it is true there are a few questionable LEO’ out there, this is not an excuse for people to just go stupid. work to fix the problems in your community to address these issues.

    • Nelson Socarras

      Trump supports our law enforcement, expect terrorism to be met with force. BLM rioters to be charged with terrorism as well, https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/terrorism

      • Highest common denominator

        you’re being misled. The article says “BLM Supporters,” and you’re reading it as “members of BLM are rioting.”

        The phrase “BLM supporters” is false, being that BLM, in whatever professional capacity they hold themselves, was not present for this riot. The group isn’t a nebulous “catch-all” name for any group of black people protesting police brutality; it is a specific group with a specific message.

        Again, don’t be misled by the wording of this article. The phrase “BLM supporters” is code word for black people in general, whether they are affiliated properly with BLM or not.

  • David Eisemann

    No surprise, and it will get worse. Seems righties think they are the only ones who can use outrage to get what they want. The worm is turning, cities will burn. If the Germans had protested Hitler earlier, they could have saved their country.

    • Andyrall

      Fuck off pussy boy

      • David Eisemann

        The perfect example of a typical, ignorant Trump voter. No wonder he loves the uneducated.

        • William Kulas

          Eisemann your Jewish aren’t you? Your part of the problem with threatening cities will burn. The FBI is interested in people like you are you a terrorist from the east??

          • David Eisemann

            Kulas? You sound like a typical eastern European Christian anti-Semite. I’m sure you will be very happy sieg heiling Herr Drumpf. It’s a tragedy that my father fought fascists for 6 long years after escaping Nazi Germany, and you just elected a fascist for president. I’m glad he died before seeing it.

    • m.bluth

      And if the Germans had protested Merkel their country would still be recognizable as the country it once was. Not the Muslim infested, rapist paradise it is now. Tick Tock Merkel come September Germany gets their Trump.

      • David Eisemann

        Gee, if you’re lucky, Germany might become what they once were, a pariah nation of white racists. How proud you must be.

        • m.bluth

          Who are the Germans racist towards?

          • David Eisemann

            Used to be the Jews, now you seem to want them to be racists to Muslims. If Germany is “going to get their Trump” then they will probably extend that to blacks and latinos, just like him.

    • A Patriot

      Seems righties think they are the only ones who can use outrage to get what they want

      Righties don’t riot. Its the leftie liberals that do that. Liberals are fine to talk to as long as you agree with them. If you don’t they start the name calling and pushing and wanting to fight. What they dont comprehend is the fact if they trigger a civil war they will be hunted into extinction.

      • David Eisemann

        Angry old white men are the ones going extinct, which is why they will so desperately whore themselves for power. You are the past.

        • Beldar Conehead

          So it appears no one realizes this division and hatred will be used by the government and Isis to fuck us all.

          Isis is united and unless we stick together we all lose. Go ahead flame me and call each other names, but when did we stop being all americans who have each other’s backs?

          • David Eisemann

            You should have thought of that before you treated Obama so badly. I see this all the time, sure, we know that we completely fought the last elected president to the point of denying him a SCOTUS pick for over a year, an unprecedented abuse of power, but now we expect you guys to just bend over for our guy. Not going to happen. If ISIS attacks us, it’s the Republicans fault and the Republicans problem. I will not support Trump ever, regardless of what he does.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Let the animals destroy their neighborhoods. I really do not care anymore. I have had with a-holes who riot when they do not get what they want.

  • Nick Fury II

    THIS IS A WHITE RIOT ONLY. BLM DIDN’T inspire this. This is white on white violence. One group of whites(liberal) angry at another group of whites(Trump and conservatives winning the government). I posted the truth earlier on another topic.

  • m.bluth

    Is there anything these leftist commie bastards won’t riot over? Get it out of your systems cause come 1/20/17 that shit ain’t gonna be tolerated anymore.

    • RayScott

      What the fuck is you (Or Chump) gonna do, bitch? Abolish the first amendment? Try it. You toothless jizz-skinned bastards will have another civil war on your hands that you can’t afford, faggot.

      • m.bluth

        Hahaha, you show is smart.

        • RayScott

          What was that? Sorry, I don’t speak cumskin.

  • Cyndi Current

    They are all acting like spoiled brats who didn’t get their way!!

    • RayScott

      Like the whites did with Obama?

      • Richard

        I don’t remember riots and burned stuff after Obama took office. Republicans don’t act like that. Oh and before you dump on me I am not a republican, I am a civil libertarian.

        • Richard

          Apparently you have a problem with the English Lang! I didn’t say anything about death threats, I said no riots and nothing burned down. Learn to read, then post your garbage.

  • Candice Magill

    No. Sorry she was hit, but she had no business trying to shut down traffic. Play dangerous games you win dangerous prizes.

  • One down, thousands to go.