Report: After Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance 4-Year-Old Girl’s Father Dies

block ambulance

Protesters block an ambulance earlier this year at a Trump rally.

Report: After Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance 4-Year-Old Girl’s Father Dies

We’ve received a lot of messages about anti-Trump protesters blocking emergency vehicles, this time though, they may have actually killed someone.

A very upsetting Facebook post has been blowing up all over the internet today. In the post, an anonymous Facebook user posts:

I have to unfacebook for a few days. I had a patient die during a transfer last night because our ambulance was stopped by protesters and had to drive an extra 45 minutes around the blocked roads. I can’t today. They can give their f**king safety pins to my patient’s fatherless 4 year old daughter.

We’ve been warning these idiots who keep blocking public roads that this is exactly what happens. You block a road, you prevent emergency vehicles from reaching your family and other’s families. This results in people dying.

blocks ambulence

The anonymous user mentions safety pins, which is what many of the protesters have been wearing since the Nov. 8th elections. It supposedly means “I stand with you”, but Black Lives Matter activists are now saying that it’s a symbol of “white guilt.”

We are still trying to verify that this is a legitimate post, but it’s not far fetched at all seeing as how we’ve already witnessed the protesters at Trump rallies blocking ambulances:

Not only does this harm the general public, but protesters themselves are being hit by cars. Yesterday a video was made public showing one of the protesters in San Diego being clipped by a car on the highway:

In a world of safe spaces, grown adults crying over elections, and people throwing fits because their candidate didn’t win, I’m hoping that we can all come together one day and act like Americans again. Until then, the least you could do is stop walking in front of traffic.

Do you think that all protesters who block ambulances should be charged with homicide if somebody dies? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below.